Meet another bunch of Bartolettis~Family and Senior Photographer

If these guys look familiar it’s because they are related to a family I shot over the summer a few blogs ago.  They are also just as adorable and fun.  And we took senior photos in the session too at my favorite location this year.  We can still find all new backdrops here because these images were shot at a different time and it’s such a big place.  Still so much more to explore here at Tolt McDonald.  The sun does begin to hide behind the trees before sunset.  And it’s amazingly beautiful.

It’s that time for senior photos for the class of 2018 already!  As summer is flying by and school is about to begin again.  Next on my schedule is a wedding and business headshots.

Have a great last week while school’s out! 

This is a tiny glimpse into their session. 

Meet Jared~Class of 2017~Cedarcrest

If you’ve ever had the joy of scrolling through you will see the inspiration for a few of our photos in this session.  And you may die of laughter after you spend some time on that site.  Sorry, I tried to warn you…

Finding clients with a great sense of humor and their confidence in my creative abilities is my dream.  I found just that with this guy and his family.  Also shooting close to home is always a plus.  The high school here is an excellent choice of location.  I hope to go back there again soon.   And we still had snow there!  I did give them a heads up that models suffer through the cold so that’s what we did.

I wish you all the best after you graduate!

Here are my favorites from the sesh.

Natasha//Class of 2017//Farrel McWhirter Farm Park

Happy Fall everyone!  It’s my favorite session time of the year and everything pumpkin spice.  It’s also our anniversary this weekend.  So it really is a special time of the year for me.

This session has extra special meaning for me because this is my sister.  We have the age gap of 23 years, so as you could image, she’s like my own.  We share a special bond.  So collaborating ideas and the session was the easy part.  Editing and staring at this beauty was so surreal and emotional.  How did the time go so fast?  I kept remembering myself at this age and how difficult those few teenage years were for me.  But then you come out of it stronger, brighter, more determined to set goals and squash them.

You can do anything right now.  Carry that heart on your sleeve proud and the lives you touch will forever be grateful.

The bombs represented power, strength, and passion.

Thank you for being true to yourself.  I’ve learned a lot and kept thinking what would I tell my seventeen year old self.  I always wanted to please everyone and still do, but I’ve learned that you have to take care of yourself too.  It’s ok to say no.  Keep swimming with your head up.  Attitude is gold.  That with your faith you’ve got this thing called life.  When you stumble refocus.  Stand up again and fight. Pray everyday.  Ok enough of me ranting.

And now for my favorites.

Meet Amanda~Class of 2014~Farrel McWhirter Farm Park

Another year has gone by and this young lady will be graduating in 2014.  How could I describe her?

Sweet.Caring.Gorgeous.AnimalLover.Sensitive.Loveskids.Smart.Fulloflife.Positive.  Looks like a great hash tag to me. 

I loved getting to know her and catching her vibrant personality.  I hope you guys enjoy the highlights of our session.  She maybe modeling sometime soon!♥














Thank you so much Leanne and Amanda for being so easy to work with and a joy to be around! 

Keep spreading love and light in the world. 

And here’s to a fabulous future!

Meet Denaje~Bellevue Botanical Gardens

This was the very special session with the very special person.  She’s pretty much a little sister to me that I have watched grow into a beautiful young lady.  I was there the day she was born.  So it meant a lot to me to be able to give her a great senior photo session.  Her future is very bright.  She’s got her goals in place and her mind is on a great path.  What more could you ask of your teenage daughter?!

Here’s to the future!  And here are a few of my favorites!

Thank you Denaje for being such a great friend to me!  You have so many wonderful experiences lying ahead of you.  I am very proud of the lady you’ve become!  Stay strong and motivated like you are now.  Love you!