Jack~Class of 2019~Stem School

I’ve been looking forward to this blog post for many reasons.  I think this kid is cool, funny, and has loads of charisma.  And he also happens to be an awesome musician.  What else could you ask for?!  He can also quote tons of funny movies back and forth with his dad.  So really did I have to do anything other than capture what was going on?  Talk about making my job easy.  I’m so thankful for a variety of sessions each week.  Tomorrow I could be chasing a toddler.  But this day I just documented talent.

Music is life.  That’s why out hearts have beats.

I’m coming to the close of senior photos unless you aren’t worried about yearbook deadlines.  What a great time I’ve had with all of you.  I know you’re all about to write your stories in life.  And they will all be best sellers.

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