Rory-Class of 2022

“To accomplish a bright future is to accomplish bright and huge tasks” 
― Sunday Adelaja

Also you have to ask for help in some areas of your life to progress further. Realizing I needed some help with the 17 hats you wear in business by yourself. You can’t keep up with everything. Something may lack and I don’t want that to happen in the creative area of my business. So I have decided to use the software Honeybook. This will help keep my business life better organized. So far I love that all my emails are in one platform. I was going back and forth with text messages and emails and dms from social media. So much time was wasted looking for all the messages. All my documents were integrated with automated emails for each step of the process. Sales and tax info is in one place. Booking clients is integrated with my calendar and invoicing is easy and now collected ahead of the shoot if you want. I could go on and on but customer service is on point as well. If you need help use this link to get you started. You’ll get 20% off. That’s my little plug for the week. Now on to this beauty.

Many of my current senior sessions this year are the siblings of a past client. So we are already acquainted a bit and they know what to expect from me.

This bright star has such a gorgeous smile and fun personality. I also hear she is a rockstar hockey player. She nailed her session and was the joy of my week.

Thank you Rory. I wish you big things!