What do I wear?

  • Wear what you are most comfortable in.   Bring yourself options.  Go with layers.
  • More than one being photographed should coordinate.   Have a common color somewhere on you.  This creates a flow to the image.
  • Bring accessories like hats, scarfs, jewelry, gloves, you name it.  If you have a newborn or toddler this is even more important to truly make the shoot unique.
  • There are no wrong ideas.  This is a fun opportunity to be creative.  You are free to have classic or trendy pictures or both.
  • Check out my pin board of ideas http://pinterest.com/amberlonnie/fashion-for-your-shoot/

How long will my session take?

  • Typically the sessions will take about one to two hours.  Newborn sessions are a slower pace due to the care of the babies.  They may need to be fed and changed or coddled.  So there is no rush.  In fact, there is never a rush.  The session will be the only one of the day to allow for extra time if we need it.  If you are in a time crunch please let me know ahead of time.

Will you be able to photoshop this or that?

  • My style results in a clean, minimally edited image.  So I try to stay away from too much photoshopping.  I try to have the correct in camera settings to make the image its highest quality.  However, I do take out pimples, cellulite, or stray hairs.  I will not remove freckles or scars unless this is discussed ahead of time.  I don’t want to change who you are.  I want to enhance the beauty you already have.

How long will it take to receive my images?

  • Your images will be online in a week from the shoot.  Unless there is an unexpected emergency they will be up for you to look through and order.   (weddings will take a month)
  • Ordered prints will take 2 weeks from the date the order goes in.
  • Flash Drives will take 2 weeks from the session day.
  • Albums are more difficult to estimate because we will want to meet up at least once to proof the album together.  Once its ordered it takes about 2 weeks to arrive.  ( I think I have a pretty fast turn around time)