Andrew~Mukilteo Beach~Class of 2021

Let’s talk senior photos. My next three blog posts are all seniors with various session types. This one was a full session captured in the full sun. So to handle the harsh light I use backlighting and flash along with natural light when that is possible. If you graduating next year now is the time to reach out. You will likely have a yearbook deadline in October or November for your submission. And you may be more of a summer person that fall. Although the colors of fall are exquisite. Those time slots fill up super fast.

Make it personal. As you will see in the coming videos all these kids have very different sessions highlighting what makes them each unique. If you have a fur baby please bring them along. Or if you have a talent let’s incorporate that in. Maybe you feel like you don’t have anything you want to include. Don’t worry. That is not necessary to make your personality pop. And no idea is too crazy. One of my all-time favorites photos is one with a grad in matching turtle neck and chain as his chihuahua. It was epic.

You can always bring a friend along. They usually make you come to live and laugh your head off. And if it’s just me don’t even worry. I play well with others. :)- Bring your favorite playlist and let’s have a great time together. I’m ready to celebrate with you and make some awesome images even grandma will love.

For now check this handsome guy out. He flew all the way from Maui to be in my sister’s wedding and get his fresh set of images. Hey I’m happy to fly to your destination too. Especially if it’s a Hawaiian island.