Lucas~Class of 2021~Kirkland

This is one of the senior sessions I’ve been working on this fall. An inspiring musician and all around great kid. He played music for me half of the time at his session. And I think bringing your interest along to the shoot is always a great idea. I really enjoy when I get a glimpse at what makes you who you are. And I learn a lot about you in the 90 minutes. We had the haze which is a great little filter, a private beach explore, and a neighbor’s yard that we were able to use. I have to pinch myself. This photography journey has led me to amazing people and great locations.

Recently I had an opportunity presented to me that would really put my name out there. It was tempting but it wasn’t in line with the direction I’m heading and would have had to make compromises that aren’t suited for my beliefs. I always pray for help on these choices. And this is not all I want to do. Giving back to others is also a huge part of my life.

So this is what I’ve learned. Other doors will open and some doors will slam shut on you. But there are always many doors to choose from . Pick those doors wisely. When you do they always open to something greater than you expected. And if you pick a wrong door learn from it. Don’t keep going in the wrong direction. It may not be a bad direction, but it may not lead to growth. Since we never stop learning we can be the best versions of ourselves if we put in the effort to push our greatest strengths.

So congrats to this guy. I know he will do great things.