Welcome to my blogsite (a website and blog meshed into one)!  Here is a little information about me, the girl behind and sometimes in front of the lens.

Ten years have gone by for me on the journey of running a photography business.  It’s surreal to think of all the faces and events I’ve been so honored to capture.  It’s truly been a blessing to provide this service.

My style incorporates lifestyle and traditional images with a modern flare.   The images I produce are timeless and unique to each person.  I’m always searching for the emotional connection between people and finding what makes them special and light up.  The experience you’ll recieve will leave a lasting impression.  One that will hopefully bring you back to me in the future.  I use natural light and flash to make you stand out from the crowd.  I think everyone deserves special treatment.  I like to say I’ll give your the “Brad Pitt filter”.

Growing up in front of my dad’s camera, I never thought I would love the same thing he does.  It caught me by surprise.  I was the mamarazzi posting pictures of my boy all the time.  Blogging about the ups and downs of life.  The comments from others made me open my mind to the possibility of entering my dad’s world of photography.  I’ve always loved various forms of art, but none in this same way.  I get to be a part of life changing events in people’s lives.  I get to cry when I hear their loved ones testifing their love to each other.  I get to play with teeny tiny baby toes with velvety soft skin.  Capturing amazing talent through music and sports that inspire me.  Chasing after the curiosity of those young at heart and size.  The effect this has on my own life has been profound.  I savor all the big and small moments in my own life.  I also get to work with my Dad when I have large events.  I treasure that time we have together.

I’m the girl next door.  Someone you can lean on, share with, and laugh at.  I love everything to do with photography, skiing, water sports, volunteering, outdoor music festivals, blogging, singing, Zumba, chai teas, knitting, ironing (yes, you read that right), flip-flops, Lost, anything chocolate, learning new things, hiking, r&b music, playing the piano, history, gardening, reading, and of course shopping!   My life is a very busy one.  It’s always changing and filled with excitement with my two children and hubby.  Read about my life here and hopefully I can brighten your day and uplift my own at the same time.