Meet Cameron~Class of 2019

Time to be real.  Photos can be so nerve wracking that it’s the last thing on earth you really want to do.  But its your senior year and its tradition and mom wants you too.  So you reluctantly go hoping it will only be a few pics. And it’s the most pictures you’ve ever had ever!  Until the next time which will probably your wedding day.  It’s not everyone’s cup a tea to take selfies or any type of photos.  You aren’t alone feeling this way.  If that’s you, ask this guy if he had fun.

I get it.  I hear this all the time.  Almost every other session someone in the family is not as excited as the others.  But I do promise you I won’t torcher you with stale posing or boring convo.  I might age myself asking you if you know who the marlboro man is or a vidal sassoon commercial was.  I won’t ask you to floss unless you really want to.  But I do like to goof around and laugh.  If you’re with your family it’s going to be a fun little trip to the park.  If you’re a teenager doing senior photos it’s painless, unless you trip over your feet, and in that case I may laugh. Well, I did say I was being real right. 🙂

For the deets on the photos I used my 35 and 85 primes with and without flash.  I shot in Kelvin and just purchased an A1 flash which is knocking my socks off.  This was the first time I’ve shot at the skate park in town and I can’t wait to go back.