Sean~Class of 2020~LWH

Be the kind of person that makes other people want to up their game.

First off, I’m all caught up and ready to tackle the next few weeks. We’ve been to Palm Dessert to celebrate our 20th anniversary. I cannot believe it’s been that long. In fact, I’ve been with my husband 26 years altogether. Since this is a senior post I won’t get into the sappy part of what that means to me. Just know it’s pretty big time. And if you ever do decide to get married make sure it’s to your best friend.

I’m thrilled to share this session of Sean. It was the first time I brought along my son to be my new assistant. Also pretty awesome for me to see my son take an interest in what I’m doing and with photography. He’ll be taking a photography class next semester. So maybe he can head into it with some knowledge from his dear old mom. 🙂

The fall colors are on pointe. I just love what the PNW looks like right now. It was great getting to know this adorable family. They were all smiles and a joy to work with.

You are guaranteed multiple photographers at Juanita Bay Park any given day. In fact, I know I saw at least four others while we were here a little over an hour. It’s a great place to capture wildlife and landscape as well. Parking is convenient and it’s a short walk to find a great place to shoot.