Denny ~ in home lifestyle session

Now that 2022 is a wrap I can get back to some blogging. This Fall and Winter I had four newborns that I was able to meet and capture. Some were private and some were shared. Some were in my studio and some were in home sessions. They were all very different creatively based on what my client and I collaborated on. All the colors were different and unique. The posing was different. It was this way intentionally. I’m not about cloning babies to be captured the same way, same light, or same props. That is just not me.

I thought I would share some of my tips for you guys to reference back to when the time comes or you happen to come by my site. However you arrived here I’m so thankful and love to have you as a subscriber.

How do you pick to have a studio session or an in person session?

For studio sessions to work well it’s best to photograph a newborn within the 14 day window. This is when they are the sleepiest. If they are older an in home session may be the way to go. So you can interact and be quicker with the session. In studio sessions are about 2-3 hours. At home sessions tend to be much faster. for one, they are not asleep in the carseat from the long drive. At home they can be dressed before getting here to photograph them and be ready to go.

If mama is still recovering, being at home can really provide more comfort for her. And your whole house does not need to be spotless. We just need an area close to a window to work with. And my focus is on baby anyways.

Also being at home brings an element to your images that is truly unique. Your blankets and furniture and nursery are part of the images. This leads to the telling of your beautiful story. We may add things then that we would have never been able to do at my studio.

Also in your home it’s easier to incorporate more siblings and fur babies too. Then the siblings can run off and play in the mean time. This overall helps the session time speed up. And you may feel more relaxed.

If you are set on a studio session, to help get baby fall asleep before the session you can make a warm and very long bath for the baby about 1 – 1.5 hours before the scheduled photo shoot. The bath relaxes and soothes the baby and makes them sleepy. Try to keep the baby awake by interacting with them for about 1.5 – 2.5 hours prior to the photo shoot. If you can keep the baby awake during the breastfeeding, feed the baby right before leaving the house. Another tip is to ride next to them in the car to the session to help keep them away so that when they arrive to the studio they are ready for a nice long nap! This will ensure that the little one gets tired upon arrival to the studio and falls asleep right before the session starts. Also, dress the baby in comfortable clothes or warm fabrics which are easy to unwrap without having to pull the layers over the head.

I hope this information helps you decide what is best for you and your sweet new precious human.

In Home session

In Studio Session with my nephew Enzo