Ben ~ Class of 2022~ Duvall

Why should you have senior photos taken? Why not use one of the million selfies you have or have a friend take them. Well my take on this is that you don’t need to. But I do have many reasons you will want to. First off, this is a grand momentous moment in your life….

Schramers~Blythe Park, Bothell

Have you ever thought you’d love a career of photography but dread the online presence you need to have.? Which also seems to be what you need to do for most small businesses these days. Have you thought a blog is overwhelming? 3 posts a week is crazy and sounds way to time consuming. And…

Tiana~Class of 2021~Red Rock Farms, Duvall

Hello 2022 A time to look back and see what was accomplished. Time to set news goals and squash every one of them. Time to be realistic and look at the ways I can expand and grow. So exactly what did I accomplish with this photography journey last year? Well I happen to be getting…

Sean~Class of 2020~LWH

Be the kind of person that makes other people want to up their game. First off, I’m all caught up and ready to tackle the next few weeks. We’ve been to Palm Dessert to celebrate our 20th anniversary. I cannot believe it’s been that long. In fact, I’ve been with my husband 26 years altogether….

Meet Roman~Duvall Newborn Photography~in studio

This lovely family is back for the newborn photos of baby #2.  They drove a long way to my house for the photos to be done in my studio.  It was a delight to have them all in the images.  Sometimes its just baby or baby and mama.  Mama may need a break from other…