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Lincoln//2 weeks


Welcome to the world this sweet beautiful baby boy.  He’s a dream.  He smiled, he snuggled, he slept so soundly, and he was just too precious.  It was a glorious sunny day in the pacific northwest.  We went outside for some family photos and decided to do some of his portraits outside in the sun.  He loved it and the doggies were digging’ in also.

This was our second session.  In case any expecting mamas are wondering about sessions,  I highly recommend the nesting package so you can have me capture your maternity and the newborn images.  Ask me about it!

What a pleasure to work with this adorable family!  Here are some of my highlights from the session.  <3

Meet little miss Reeve





This little miss will steal your heart.  She’s 10 days new, all cuddly and sweet.  A little miracle for her lovely parents.  She didn’t want to catch many zzzzzs while I was there.  She was very inquisitive and curious about what was happening. So we used some tricks and tried some new poses out.

I love when the parents are included in the session.  It’s so beautiful to see the love beaming from their faces.  I tear up seeing that.  I just try to hide my emotions so I can focus.

I am not liable for any baby fever you have after you look through these images!!



IMG_7054 IMG_7065-Edit IMG_7090 IMG_7093 IMG_7096-Edit IMG_7106 IMG_7108 IMG_7112 IMG_7114-Edit IMG_7125 IMG_7149 IMG_7160-Edit IMG_7193 IMG_7205 IMG_7195 IMG_7203 IMG_7207 IMG_7219-Edit IMG_7231-Edit IMG_7241-Edit IMG_7245-Edit

Meet Eva~Lynnwood Newborn


Eva was one of the names I loved when trying to pick one for Olivia.  And this little one is such a joy to her parents as ours is to us.  She was awake for most of our session which is wonderful.  I know you see so many sleeping baby pictures that are beautiful, but so are images of babies awake.  She was conveying so much in just 8 weeks of life.  Watching for look at her mother was breathtaking.

Doing what you love for work really is a blessing.  I’m out having fun, enjoying a little break from my life to joyfully observe others in their happiest occasions.  I have so much time to reflect on my own precious moments.  I don’t take them for granted.  And I end up making wonderful friends in the process.  In fact, Eva’s mom and I hope to have a coffee date soon.

Here are the highlights of my time with this little angel baby.

IMG_3044 IMG_3063-Edit-2 IMG_3220 IMG_3095-Edit IMG_3134 IMG_3147-Edit IMG_3167 IMG_3174 IMG_3183 IMG_3191 IMG_3218-Edit IMG_3245 IMG_3289 IMG_3304 IMG_3308 IMG_3339 IMG_3362 IMG_3273 IMG_3233 IMG_3076 IMG_3380

Meet Blaiz~Newborn



Oh little Blaiz…..What a cutie!  What can I say about the sweet pureness of being only a few days old.  He’s another perfect little being.  I just wanted to cuddle him.  I was so excited when the family asked to come back with baby number two.  He has a lovely big sis watching over him and wonderful parents.  He was wide awake for most of the session which I am partial to.  I love newborns awake and asleep.  I love their curious nature and innocence.

So I ooohhhhed and ahhhhhhed over him

And came up with this batch of favorites.  I hope you have some ooooohhhhs and ahhhhs too.

IMG_9315 IMG_9523 IMG_9331 IMG_9388 IMG_9529 IMG_9407 IMG_9409-Edit IMG_9516 IMG_9463 IMG_9419 IMG_9434-Edit IMG_9500-Edit IMG_9501 IMG_9549

Meet Alexis~Puyallup Newborn Photography


Here we are on a late Sunday night blogging away.  The weather has been changing so we’ll be back outside soon.  But we’ve had a baby boom in my business.  All the sessions have been little newborns lately.  And I’m LOVING it.  You guys are welcome to bring over as many as possible!

This little one was so content.  The parents were natural pros, adoring her every minute.  I noticed they were crafty and creative when I arrived at their home.  So we incorporated some of the décor into the shoot. They also had homemade headbands made up ready to use.  I was impressed.  So here is just a glimpse of our session of oooshie gooshie dreamy baby bliss.  Awwww……

And here’s a huge thank you to Andrea for giving this gift to the family.  What a wonderful friend you are to be so generous!  You are a gem!


IMG_6267 IMG_6280-Edit-2 IMG_6319 IMG_6351 IMG_6417 IMG_6423 IMG_6426  IMG_6501 IMG_6506 IMG_6509-Edit IMG_6519-Edit IMG_6535 IMG_6558

Meet the Speers~Newborn Photography


I have returned from vacationing in sunny Mexico.  Boy, it was great to feel the warmth of the sun on my body.  But most of all I’m thankful that the four of us spent every second (well mostly) together for 8 days straight.  We needed it and I’m sad to be back to the long hours away from my love.  So I’m saturating my time editing photos.  I have so much to share with you all.  First, is this wonderful newborn session with a gorgeous family inside and out.

They welcomed a daughter the end of January.  She is an oooshie gooshie delight.  And big brother is loving her!!!  She was smothered with love and kisses.  So adored by her family.  What a gift!  I am very happy for them!

“When they placed you in my arms, you slipped into my heart.” ♥

IMG_5300 IMG_5321 IMG_5327 IMG_5340 IMG_5356 IMG_5357 IMG_5389 IMG_5396 IMG_5410 IMG_5418 IMG_5440 IMG_5451 IMG_5474 IMG_5536 IMG_5571-Edit

Meet Conner~Mill Creek, WA Newborn


Life is such a miracle and blessing.  I really treasure each time I’m allowed into a family’s first moments experiencing their new lives with that new miracle.  It’s as if life stands still for me in those two hours.  I’m lost in the warm and happy environment playing and snuggling the soft skin.  So I’m grateful to all the families inviting me in their lives.  You guys have touched my heart.

I love this little guy.  I hope you guys enjoy what I captured of his family.




I can’t help but wonder what big sis was telling her little brother!






Baby smiles are the best!







Thank you Mandy and Eric!  Congratulations on having such a wonderful addition. 

It’s great to see my brother’s childhood friend grow up to be such a wonderful father.  xoxo

Meet Olivia~birth and newborn photos


I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with my new little love.  I may be biased, but I think she is perfect in every way. Her arrival came Wednesday, April 10th at 11:57am.  She was 7lbs and 9oz, 21 inches long.  My labor took about 5 hours after getting to the hospital. And I am very proud of myself for going el natural till the very end.  I got an epidural right at the end.  You know the saying 8 is too late.  Well I was already at 10cm.  However feeling some pain helped me during the pushing.  So she came out without the 3 hour ordeal I experience with my son.  She also came out without the vacuum or forceps.  So I really had a good experience this time.

She is surrounded by such a loving family.  She is snuggled by them everyday!  What more could I ask for?!!! Life is beautiful!  I hope you enjoy a glance at our beautiful experience!♥♥♥

The birth photos are courtesy of my dad.birth story board

She is 4 and 8 days new in these photos









Meet Rainier~Bothell newborn


This little one is about 2 1/2 weeks new.  I could have played and snuggled him all day.  He was so precious and adorable.  And he was surrounded by two loving big sisters and lots of furry family pets watching over his every move.  It was so touching to watch.

His mama told me it wasn’t supposed to be possible for her to have this amazing miracle.  And here he is….a true gift.  I’m so happy for them.

Here are my favorites from the session.

Thank you so much Jessica for allowing me to photograph your beautiful precious new one and your adorable girls.  It’s amazing we were in the same junior high and high school and that now we finally meet after all that time in the same place. 

Meet the Bristols~Bothell Country Village


I had another very special family to photograph!  The hubby was is my brother’s best friend growing up.  So most of the time it was the three of us playing legos and basketball outside.  He witnessed many sibling battles between my brother and I.  In fact, I think he was pretty much always there.  So I’m sure he saw everything~ the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny times.  One of my best memories were the WWF matches on the trampoline.  Oh and we’ll never forget the countless days running around value village feeling torchured that our parents would ever shop there.  (of course now I’m happy to shop there)  Things sure do change as we become parents!

Now I get to see all of our children grow up together.  What an amazing thing to share together so many years later.  I hope you enjoy my favorites from the Bothell Country Village!

Thank you Jacob and Andrea for being such wonderful friends, great parents, and beautiful people inside and out.  I’m sure Gap with be calling for your kiddos.  They are gorgeous!  I’m a proud Auntie!  Love you guys!  XOXOXO

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