Brodie~Class of ’23~Senior Photographer

After a week of being sick I’m coming alive again. I took a walk outside without music to take in the fresh air, all the sounds, and some of that sun. Why does it always have to be nice weather outside while I’m stuck indoors?! This happens to me every time.

I’ve watched all the shows and movies I can handle. So maybe my brain can handle a little blogging. It will just be short and sweet this time.

The youngster below is a family friend. So it was absolute delight to take his senior pics. He nailed it folks. I love the style, the location, his dog, and we got some family pics to boot. So as I’m trying to recover over here nothing brings me more joy than sharing this session with all of you.

I’m so proud of you and love being able to see you make such awesome decisions in your life.

I feel like a proud auntie!