Meet the Bristols~Bothell Country Village

I had another very special family to photograph!  The hubby was is my brother’s best friend growing up.  So most of the time it was the three of us playing legos and basketball outside.  He witnessed many sibling battles between my brother and I.  In fact, I think he was pretty much always there.  So I’m sure he saw everything~ the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny times.  One of my best memories were the WWF matches on the trampoline.  Oh and we’ll never forget the countless days running around value village feeling torchured that our parents would ever shop there.  (of course now I’m happy to shop there)  Things sure do change as we become parents!

Now I get to see all of our children grow up together.  What an amazing thing to share together so many years later.  I hope you enjoy my favorites from the Bothell Country Village!

Thank you Jacob and Andrea for being such wonderful friends, great parents, and beautiful people inside and out.  I’m sure Gap with be calling for your kiddos.  They are gorgeous!  I’m a proud Auntie!  Love you guys!  XOXOXO


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