Goodbye 2017~Hello 2018

I just wanted to express to all my clients of 2017 how much I adore each of you and appreciate your kind words.  Some of your sessions weren’t posted and kept private, but I still look at your images and think of the time spent on each face.  Supporting me in this creative outlet brings me so much joy.  I couldn’t share so much love in the world without you all.

For me personally, life has been rough this year.  I’m really looking to 2018 for further growth in all aspects of life and with this passion.  Bring me your challenges and any crazy ideas you have.  I love them all.  I hope to venture to new locations, meet new faces, see new tiny lives, and connect with all of you from the past sessions.

I hope you fill your homes with all of these images.  I actually need more wall space myself.  I want to see the people I love plastered all over it.  If you come to my house that’s what you’ll see.  I’m ready for more adventures like the road trip we took to Disneyland and back along the coast.  Who’s with me?!

Thank you so much everyone!


Meet the Williams~Tolt McDonald Campground

Can you even stand how adorable this family is!  I am so happy they came to me for there portraits.  They are some more out-of-towners visiting family and scheduled a shoot.  I photographed the mom some years back before marriage and her adorable baby girl came along.

They brought along the adorable props.  The childhood heirloom chair, the giant pink balloon~I’m obsessed.  I think the 8-12 months age is just heaven.  They can’t run from me yet!  Everything that comes in their path is amazement and wonder.  I wish I could share the entire session!

*But here are my absolute favorites*

Meet Emma~2 weeks

I was able to photograph this sweetheart thanks to an online referral on a Facebook  discussion board for Bellevue.  I have no idea who that was, but I am so thankful.  I really want to thank all my clients for all their referrals.  You guys are so appreciated!! I feel like it’s the absolute best way to find the best clients.

I adore these three.  Emma was such a sleepy dream.  I love those wrinkled elbows and shoulders.  LOVE them!  I am really able to get my baby fix with these little tiny humans.  The little cries and facial expressions are so sweet.  I miss that.  So I hope this gives you guys that little “baby fix” as well.


Meet Mariska~Renton Newborn

One of my favorites family came back with a new edition to the family!  She is so precious and snuggly!  I could have played all afternoon with her.  She was very alert the whole time.  And big sister was loving on her.  It was so adorable to watch.

I’m so happy for you guys!  Thanks so much for having me back.  It was so special that your parents were there too.

Here are some of my favorites.  I may have a special fondness for newborn photos.  There is just so much love around them beaming from everyone’s faces.  The emotions are streaming all around too.  I hope you guys enjoy these!

IMG_0703 IMG_0706 IMG_0738-Edit-2 IMG_0802 IMG_0843-Edit IMG_0848 IMG_0858 IMG_0886-Edit IMG_0899 IMG_0902-Edit IMG_0904 IMG_0923 IMG_0944-Edit IMG_0962

Meet the Cooks~Lake Rasmussen, Duvall

This post is full of love and joy I just love these guys!  They have such an adorable little chubster with the most amazing lips!  You just want to squish him!!  We have lots of fun together.  I can only imagine the fun times ahead.  I feel very honored I got to photograph this trio.

I happen to have a pretty awesome little lake a few blocks away that I love to use for sessions.  So some of the shots are taken there and the others at my house.  I hope you guys enjoy some of my favorites.

IMG_8937-Edit IMG_8951 IMG_8966-Edit IMG_9019-Edit IMG_9033-Edit IMG_9039 IMG_9067 IMG_9088 IMG_9129-Edit IMG_9144 IMG_9171 IMG_9185-Edit IMG_9200 IMG_9195 IMG_9231-Edit

Meet little miss Reeve




This little miss will steal your heart.  She’s 10 days new, all cuddly and sweet.  A little miracle for her lovely parents.  She didn’t want to catch many zzzzzs while I was there.  She was very inquisitive and curious about what was happening. So we used some tricks and tried some new poses out.

I love when the parents are included in the session.  It’s so beautiful to see the love beaming from their faces.  I tear up seeing that.  I just try to hide my emotions so I can focus.

I am not liable for any baby fever you have after you look through these images!!



IMG_7054 IMG_7065-Edit IMG_7090 IMG_7093 IMG_7096-Edit IMG_7106 IMG_7108 IMG_7112 IMG_7114-Edit IMG_7125 IMG_7149 IMG_7160-Edit IMG_7193 IMG_7205 IMG_7195 IMG_7203 IMG_7207 IMG_7219-Edit IMG_7231-Edit IMG_7241-Edit IMG_7245-Edit

Meet the Edwards~Lake Rasmussen, Duvall




It’s wonderful to watch your clients growing families.  Since newborns, I have been capturing these two.  They are just about perfect every time. I don’t even have to run to chase them.  :)-  I did however, try out a new product I have to capture their attention.  I used a camera lens buddy off Etsy.  And it worked like a charm.   If you have the time you could knit one for yourself pretty easily.

This location is right by my house.  This works well to have some studio shots and outdoor shots in the colder weather months.  So then the kiddos are only outside for around a half an hour or so.  Here are a few of my favorites from our session.

I hope you all enjoy your time off with your families this weekend.  AND….. Go Hawks!!

IMG_4349-Edit BlogBoard-4 BlogBoard-11 IMG_4382-Edit IMG_4425-Edit IMG_4523 IMG_4531 IMG_4493 IMG_4584 IMG_4604-Edit

Meet Eva~Lynnwood Newborn

Eva was one of the names I loved when trying to pick one for Olivia.  And this little one is such a joy to her parents as ours is to us.  She was awake for most of our session which is wonderful.  I know you see so many sleeping baby pictures that are beautiful, but so are images of babies awake.  She was conveying so much in just 8 weeks of life.  Watching for look at her mother was breathtaking.

Doing what you love for work really is a blessing.  I’m out having fun, enjoying a little break from my life to joyfully observe others in their happiest occasions.  I have so much time to reflect on my own precious moments.  I don’t take them for granted.  And I end up making wonderful friends in the process.  In fact, Eva’s mom and I hope to have a coffee date soon.

Here are the highlights of my time with this little angel baby.

IMG_3044 IMG_3063-Edit-2 IMG_3220 IMG_3095-Edit IMG_3134 IMG_3147-Edit IMG_3167 IMG_3174 IMG_3183 IMG_3191 IMG_3218-Edit IMG_3245 IMG_3289 IMG_3304 IMG_3308 IMG_3339 IMG_3362 IMG_3273 IMG_3233 IMG_3076 IMG_3380

Meet Sage & Nicolas~Tolt McDonald Campground






I’d like you guys to meet a couple of miracles I know.  These two are so special to me…. I couldn’t possibly know where to begin except it’s a miracle they are both here with both of their parents.  I cry just thinking about it.  For awareness sake, this is the condition that almost took everything from them.

But here they are healthy and happy today.  They are surrounded by loving family and friends, thriving with happiness.

We all hug our babies a little tighter and longer because of them. I love you guys!

IMG_0659 IMG_0660-Edit IMG_0665-Edit IMG_0707 IMG_0689-Edit IMG_0738 IMG_0775 IMG_0790 IMG_0794-Edit IMG_0798-Edit IMG_0764-Edit IMG_0833 IMG_0835 IMG_0836-Edit IMG_0718-Edit IMG_0725 IMG_0763

Meet Blaiz~Newborn


Oh little Blaiz…..What a cutie!  What can I say about the sweet pureness of being only a few days old.  He’s another perfect little being.  I just wanted to cuddle him.  I was so excited when the family asked to come back with baby number two.  He has a lovely big sis watching over him and wonderful parents.  He was wide awake for most of the session which I am partial to.  I love newborns awake and asleep.  I love their curious nature and innocence.

So I ooohhhhed and ahhhhhhed over him

And came up with this batch of favorites.  I hope you have some ooooohhhhs and ahhhhs too.

IMG_9315 IMG_9523 IMG_9331 IMG_9388 IMG_9529 IMG_9407 IMG_9409-Edit IMG_9516 IMG_9463 IMG_9419 IMG_9434-Edit IMG_9500-Edit IMG_9501 IMG_9549