Meet Mae Mae~children’s portraits

FUN.Spunk.LAUGHTER.thrill.SERENITY.adventure.LOVE.  This describes how our session went

This little one was the most entertaining 3-year-old I think I’ve photographed.  I can tell she is on her way to becoming a musician.  She sings, plays piano and guitar, and knows how to play air guitar.  That was pretty impressive.   I just loved following her around in her own element.  Her smile is simply contagious. Oh how I love to make new friends with such wonderful children!  And their parents are pretty cool too.

I am hoping to do a personal post soon.  I’ve just been busy with sessions lately and I’m trying to keep up.  I’m one of those annoying people who can’t let work pile up on my desk.  I will have an internal meltdown.  So soon I’ll share my pics and news.  So for now I hope you enjoy these images of a really cool kid.

Thank you so much Shannon for having me come to your awesome place.  Your house is so beautiful inside and out.  I just loved your style.  And if I run across some good garage sales I’ll text you.  You have an amazing daughter with so much spunk and personality.  I just adore her.  I was so glad to spend time with you both.


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