Meet Tuzla~private home location

I love unique names.  So when I heard this sweet ones name I just had to look it up.  Tuzla is the name of a city Bosnia. The city where mom and dad met and fell in love.  It’s a turkish name for salt mine, and refers to the extensive salt deposits found underneath the city.  I think the name is beautiful!  She is 8 days new upon our meeting and just a sweetheart!

She had so many goodies lined up for photos.  Her nieces made the coolest tutus for her and Grandma popped in with the cutest swim cap and swimsuit I had ever seen for a newborn!  Props to Grandma!

I know I say this over and over, but I love my job!!!! I hope you love my favorites!

Thank you so much Angela and Ian for welcoming me in your home and photographing your precious new one.  She is surrounded by love and peace.  I wish you guys the best and her a bright future!


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