Meet the Bilodeaus~Lake Kachess, Easton

What can I say about my dear friends and their wonderful family…….. I’m pretty sure you can tell how awesome they are by the love they are showing each other in the photos.  I was hoping to be adopted by the end of the night!!.  I’m really not sure what the best part of the day was.  It could have been the beautiful drive blaring my hippity hop music, the adventurous drive to our location in the snow (since I drive a van this can be considered adventurous to me),  making a yummy dinner with the family, playing ping-pong off the ceiling of the kitchen, or just being with some of my dearest friends.

I may have bawled my eyes out on my way home.

I would love to post the whole session, but these are some of my favorites.

I must admit that I was so nervous to photograph such creative people.  Happy 40th Anniversary to you guys.  You have wonderful children and grandchildren.  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your happy day.  Thank you Monica!  I hope to make the drive again soon! 


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