Meet Eva~Lynnwood Newborn

Eva was one of the names I loved when trying to pick one for Olivia.  And this little one is such a joy to her parents as ours is to us.  She was awake for most of our session which is wonderful.  I know you see so many sleeping baby pictures that are beautiful, but so are images of babies awake.  She was conveying so much in just 8 weeks of life.  Watching for look at her mother was breathtaking.

Doing what you love for work really is a blessing.  I’m out having fun, enjoying a little break from my life to joyfully observe others in their happiest occasions.  I have so much time to reflect on my own precious moments.  I don’t take them for granted.  And I end up making wonderful friends in the process.  In fact, Eva’s mom and I hope to have a coffee date soon.

Here are the highlights of my time with this little angel baby.

IMG_3044 IMG_3063-Edit-2 IMG_3220 IMG_3095-Edit IMG_3134 IMG_3147-Edit IMG_3167 IMG_3174 IMG_3183 IMG_3191 IMG_3218-Edit IMG_3245 IMG_3289 IMG_3304 IMG_3308 IMG_3339 IMG_3362 IMG_3273 IMG_3233 IMG_3076 IMG_3380

Meet the Speers~Newborn Photography

I have returned from vacationing in sunny Mexico.  Boy, it was great to feel the warmth of the sun on my body.  But most of all I’m thankful that the four of us spent every second (well mostly) together for 8 days straight.  We needed it and I’m sad to be back to the long hours away from my love.  So I’m saturating my time editing photos.  I have so much to share with you all.  First, is this wonderful newborn session with a gorgeous family inside and out.

They welcomed a daughter the end of January.  She is an oooshie gooshie delight.  And big brother is loving her!!!  She was smothered with love and kisses.  So adored by her family.  What a gift!  I am very happy for them!

“When they placed you in my arms, you slipped into my heart.” ♥

IMG_5300 IMG_5321 IMG_5327 IMG_5340 IMG_5356 IMG_5357 IMG_5389 IMG_5396 IMG_5410 IMG_5418 IMG_5440 IMG_5451 IMG_5474 IMG_5536 IMG_5571-Edit

Meet Tuzla at 3 months~in studio

I hope everyone is having a fabulous labor day weekend!  I’ve been trying to cram everything in.  Every year we usually hit up the Evergreen State Fair.  There we eat fair food until we’re sick and then go on some rides so we can feel even worse.  Why do we do this to ourselves?!  Well the scones were really good and that elephant ear…..

Last week this little cutie was back.  And for the entire session she was so happy and content.  She did not cry once for all the modeling she did.  I wish I could play with her more.  She is soooooo adorable.  And she’s already a Husky fan!

Here is just a couple of my favorite images from the different set ups we had going.  Go Tuzla!

Angela, thank you so much for coming back with your precious baby girl!  She is sugar and spice and everything nice!  I just adore her!

Meet Tuzla~private home location

I love unique names.  So when I heard this sweet ones name I just had to look it up.  Tuzla is the name of a city Bosnia. The city where mom and dad met and fell in love.  It’s a turkish name for salt mine, and refers to the extensive salt deposits found underneath the city.  I think the name is beautiful!  She is 8 days new upon our meeting and just a sweetheart!

She had so many goodies lined up for photos.  Her nieces made the coolest tutus for her and Grandma popped in with the cutest swim cap and swimsuit I had ever seen for a newborn!  Props to Grandma!

I know I say this over and over, but I love my job!!!! I hope you love my favorites!

Thank you so much Angela and Ian for welcoming me in your home and photographing your precious new one.  She is surrounded by love and peace.  I wish you guys the best and her a bright future!

Meet Megan and her tots~Alki Beach, Seattle

If you’re not a fan of posing for pictures then this is for you.

This session made me super excited because it was all candid.  I loved the freedom to shoot everything and anything my little heart desired.  I think I actually got a pretty good workout running, ducking, and walking the beach.  And they brought the coolest props ever~a kite, windmill, bubbles, a big red ball, and even checkers that we didn’t get a chance to use.  I was having so much fun that our session just flew by.

The location was full of possibility.  The seattle skyline, the beach, trees to climb, the boardwalk (what more could you want).  I’m sure I could people watch all day down there.  If you ever get a chance, come to Alki Beach.

I had a hard time choosing my favorites~

Thank you so much Megan for the freedom of using my creativity.  I loved playing with you and the kids.  They are so adorable and full of laughter.  It was an honor!