Waverly is One~ Kirkland Children’s Photography

This little joy just turned One.  It’s the second time I’ve take her pictures and she is a doll.  She’s much more mobile now, but always smiling and happy.  Now she really is a little barre baby climbing like her siblings.  You can see that in one of these images below.

She LOVED her cake and devoured as much as she could.  She wasn’t very happy to part with it.  It was so cute.  And sharing is caring.  I watched her share quite nicely. What a sweetiepie! 

We did this shoot even though the weather was less than ideal.  The cabana used was covered and some shots were indoors.  So don’t worry about dark rainy days.  Window light is the best!  And I see that next week the sun is coming back out.  A great time to get your fall photos or your yearly card photos for the end of the year.

Meet the Woodards~Duvall Family Photographer

I got a call from this adorable family living in Texas who were going to be visiting their parents and wanted to have pictures done while they were here.  What a fabulous idea in case you were wondering how to make your next trip memorable for yourselves.

They were fun and the kids definitely knew what to do.  They were quite the pros.  We are back at one of my favorite spots.  And as many times as I shoot here we never run of out backdrops!

I hope you all are having a fabulous summer!  We just came back from Portland and ate our way through town.  And the no tax shopping wasn’t bad either.  Next up with be our “Don’t Give Up!” regional convention, a spiritual three-day feast.  It will be a time to meditate, pray, and self examine myself.  I look forward to this time of the year with my family and close friends. If you’re curious about this check it out here.

Here are my favorites images of my favorite Texans~


Bartolettis ~ Tolt McDonald River Park, Carnation

Hello sunshine!  We have been missing you so much!

It’s quite helpful for me when we have great weather.  So sessions are in full force right now.  I’ve opened up a time slot on Sunday mornings to help free up some time on Saturdays.   This may work well for some of you.

I met this adorable family last weekend at one of my favorite parks to shoot at.  It was an overcast day, which I personally love. I have more freedom to stand wherever I want and use up all the pretty backgrounds.  And I thought I loved fall the most.  Spring is just as beautiful.

These two boys sure have grown.  Such polite little ones.  They will be breaking hearts with those blue eyes!

Here’s a sneak peek of their session.

Meet the Campbells~Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland

I’m very excited to share this session with you guys.  It’s full of joy, laughter, love, energy, and one serious baby.  I met this family through a referral of one of their sisters.  Since they were such a lovely family I was not surprised to find out these guys were also awesome.

We literally had one beautiful sunny pacific northwest fall day that we happened to pick for the session.  At the park there were at least 3 other photo shoots happening at the same time.  I had to ask if I could borrow a tree another group was using.  That’s a first for me.  They were taking a break so we claimed the tree.

And today happens to be another beautiful day so I’m off for another family session.  But first I hope you love my highlights.  I have so many great images these guys received three times my ballpark number promised.  I wish I could share them all but that would take you guys forever to look through.  So here are a few to peruse.

Meet Mariska~Renton Newborn

One of my favorites family came back with a new edition to the family!  She is so precious and snuggly!  I could have played all afternoon with her.  She was very alert the whole time.  And big sister was loving on her.  It was so adorable to watch.

I’m so happy for you guys!  Thanks so much for having me back.  It was so special that your parents were there too.

Here are some of my favorites.  I may have a special fondness for newborn photos.  There is just so much love around them beaming from everyone’s faces.  The emotions are streaming all around too.  I hope you guys enjoy these!

IMG_0703 IMG_0706 IMG_0738-Edit-2 IMG_0802 IMG_0843-Edit IMG_0848 IMG_0858 IMG_0886-Edit IMG_0899 IMG_0902-Edit IMG_0904 IMG_0923 IMG_0944-Edit IMG_0962

Meet Blaiz~Newborn


Oh little Blaiz…..What a cutie!  What can I say about the sweet pureness of being only a few days old.  He’s another perfect little being.  I just wanted to cuddle him.  I was so excited when the family asked to come back with baby number two.  He has a lovely big sis watching over him and wonderful parents.  He was wide awake for most of the session which I am partial to.  I love newborns awake and asleep.  I love their curious nature and innocence.

So I ooohhhhed and ahhhhhhed over him

And came up with this batch of favorites.  I hope you have some ooooohhhhs and ahhhhs too.

IMG_9315 IMG_9523 IMG_9331 IMG_9388 IMG_9529 IMG_9407 IMG_9409-Edit IMG_9516 IMG_9463 IMG_9419 IMG_9434-Edit IMG_9500-Edit IMG_9501 IMG_9549

Cousins~Heritage Park, Kirkland, WA






What a bunch of cuties right!!  I had a cousin shoot recently which is a wonderful idea for the family gift.  What else can you get your parents that they would treasure forever and can’t get themselves.  Their grandchildren’s beaming faces is one such gift.  I’ve done this personally and it’s perfect.

We went to Heritage Park in Kirkland above the waterfront.  It’s great it you want a dry place for the kiddos and still see the water.  Also a great place to take your pooch.

Each of these cuties is full of energy,as you’ll see, and big contagious smiles.  I hope you all enjoy the lifestyle shoot.


IMG_8997 IMG_9007 IMG_9039-Edit IMG_9040-Edit IMG_9050 IMG_9063-Edit IMG_9045 IMG_9101 IMG_9162 IMG_8906-Edit IMG_8914-Edit IMG_8933 IMG_8956 IMG_9017-Edit-2 IMG_9066 IMG_9092-Edit-2 IMG_9113-Edit

Meet the Schierberls~Lake Alice, Fall City




My favorite clients are back.  Ok one of my favorites.  I do have quite a few!!!  And I LOVE that they were up for everything.  Even a dip in the freezing cold lake at the end.  I look at every picture and smile because I really know these guys well.  They are adventurous and fun.  They love you to pieces and are laughing all the time.  I feel right at home with them.

I had never been to Lake Alice before.  It was a beautiful close get away from home.  I think it would be perfect because you could go after work or any weekend.  {hint hint~family members that was a vacation home}

What else can I really say?!  The pictures are better at saying a million words anyway right!  I love them immensely.  And I hope you like my favorites as much as I do.♥  The session was a gift from the kids.  So happy anniversary.  I’m pretty certain is was 35 years.  Hip Hip Hooray!


IMG_8085-Edit IMG_8133 IMG_8177-Edit IMG_8197 IMG_8215 IMG_8257 IMG_8269 IMG_8343-Edit IMG_8380 IMG_8417 IMG_8462 IMG_8539 IMG_8542 IMG_8597-Edit-2 IMG_8599

Ensign Family~Country Village

Back again.  Look who’s back.  Nine months have flown by, haven’t they.  This sweet family was a joy for me to work with again.  Our location is a fantastic place to take your littles.  If you haven’t been here,  check out the Country Village in Bothell. It’s time to carve out some family time in our beautiful pacific northwest.  Check the link for up and coming events there.  We watched the ducks, chickens, and rode vintage merry go rounds.  You can also find all kinds of unique treasures in the shops.

These kids love the movie Frozen.  They sang the songs to me word for word without skipping a beat.  I LOVED it.  I loved to hear the their stories and laugh.  These two are such gifts.  I can’t wait to see them again.  I hope you guys enjoy my favorite shots.


sweet innocence

IMG_7670 IMG_7682 IMG_7688-Edit IMG_7692-Edit IMG_7707 IMG_7714-Edit IMG_7839-Edit IMG_7864-Edit IMG_7882-Edit IMG_7885 IMG_7888 IMG_7921-Edit IMG_7937-Edit IMG_8026-Edit IMG_8040 IMG_8064

Meet Conner~Mill Creek, WA Newborn

Life is such a miracle and blessing.  I really treasure each time I’m allowed into a family’s first moments experiencing their new lives with that new miracle.  It’s as if life stands still for me in those two hours.  I’m lost in the warm and happy environment playing and snuggling the soft skin.  So I’m grateful to all the families inviting me in their lives.  You guys have touched my heart.

I love this little guy.  I hope you guys enjoy what I captured of his family.




I can’t help but wonder what big sis was telling her little brother!






Baby smiles are the best!







Thank you Mandy and Eric!  Congratulations on having such a wonderful addition. 

It’s great to see my brother’s childhood friend grow up to be such a wonderful father.  xoxo