Meet Olivia~birth and newborn photos

I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with my new little love.  I may be biased, but I think she is perfect in every way. Her arrival came Wednesday, April 10th at 11:57am.  She was 7lbs and 9oz, 21 inches long.  My labor took about 5 hours after getting to the hospital. And I am very proud of myself for going el natural till the very end.  I got an epidural right at the end.  You know the saying 8 is too late.  Well I was already at 10cm.  However feeling some pain helped me during the pushing.  So she came out without the 3 hour ordeal I experience with my son.  She also came out without the vacuum or forceps.  So I really had a good experience this time.

She is surrounded by such a loving family.  She is snuggled by them everyday!  What more could I ask for?!!! Life is beautiful!  I hope you enjoy a glance at our beautiful experience!♥♥♥

The birth photos are courtesy of my dad.birth story board

She is 4 and 8 days new in these photos