Meet the Schierberls~Lake Alice, Fall City




My favorite clients are back.  Ok one of my favorites.  I do have quite a few!!!  And I LOVE that they were up for everything.  Even a dip in the freezing cold lake at the end.  I look at every picture and smile because I really know these guys well.  They are adventurous and fun.  They love you to pieces and are laughing all the time.  I feel right at home with them.

I had never been to Lake Alice before.  It was a beautiful close get away from home.  I think it would be perfect because you could go after work or any weekend.  {hint hint~family members that was a vacation home}

What else can I really say?!  The pictures are better at saying a million words anyway right!  I love them immensely.  And I hope you like my favorites as much as I do.♥  The session was a gift from the kids.  So happy anniversary.  I’m pretty certain is was 35 years.  Hip Hip Hooray!


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