Cousins~Heritage Park, Kirkland, WA






What a bunch of cuties right!!  I had a cousin shoot recently which is a wonderful idea for the family gift.  What else can you get your parents that they would treasure forever and can’t get themselves.  Their grandchildren’s beaming faces is one such gift.  I’ve done this personally and it’s perfect.

We went to Heritage Park in Kirkland above the waterfront.  It’s great it you want a dry place for the kiddos and still see the water.  Also a great place to take your pooch.

Each of these cuties is full of energy,as you’ll see, and big contagious smiles.  I hope you all enjoy the lifestyle shoot.


IMG_8997 IMG_9007 IMG_9039-Edit IMG_9040-Edit IMG_9050 IMG_9063-Edit IMG_9045 IMG_9101 IMG_9162 IMG_8906-Edit IMG_8914-Edit IMG_8933 IMG_8956 IMG_9017-Edit-2 IMG_9066 IMG_9092-Edit-2 IMG_9113-Edit

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  1. Katie says:

    Too much cuteness!!!! You captured each of the kids personalities so well in this photo shoot. I love it. Great job Amber!

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