Meet Mariska~Renton Newborn

One of my favorites family came back with a new edition to the family!  She is so precious and snuggly!  I could have played all afternoon with her.  She was very alert the whole time.  And big sister was loving on her.  It was so adorable to watch.

I’m so happy for you guys!  Thanks so much for having me back.  It was so special that your parents were there too.

Here are some of my favorites.  I may have a special fondness for newborn photos.  There is just so much love around them beaming from everyone’s faces.  The emotions are streaming all around too.  I hope you guys enjoy these!

IMG_0703 IMG_0706 IMG_0738-Edit-2 IMG_0802 IMG_0843-Edit IMG_0848 IMG_0858 IMG_0886-Edit IMG_0899 IMG_0902-Edit IMG_0904 IMG_0923 IMG_0944-Edit IMG_0962