Tiana~Class of 2021~Red Rock Farms, Duvall

Hello 2022

A time to look back and see what was accomplished. Time to set news goals and squash every one of them. Time to be realistic and look at the ways I can expand and grow. So exactly what did I accomplish with this photography journey last year? Well I happen to be getting all the paperwork ready for taxes and I found out I doubled my earnings. My mind is blown and I looked back to see what changes were made. These are the things I think contributed to this success:

  • Intentionally posting daily or almost daily to social media sites
  • Incorporating reels (terrifying out of the comfort box for me)
  • The booking software I transitioned to http://share.honeybook.com/amber987564 This took some time to enter data like when you set up your website, but worth every second. All my emails come directly to this site and I take contactless payments here as well. Often times being paid before even shooting. I highly recommend a site like this one to help manage clients and booking. If you sign up please use my referral link above.
  • I upgraded to a mirrorless camera and purchased lenses this year that I felt like would add to my specific projects. Remember the lenses other photographers use may not be best for you. You have to look at what your shooting and who. I expanded to doing more real estate and invested in a wider lens. And added some to my collection for weddings.
  • Marketing to local clients. I think this is big because time is valuable. Traveling all around the state isn’t going to be as profitable for me. Maybe for you if might be. But I have kids in school and a tight schedule. So I have discounted prices for local shoots.
  • 3 planners (one digital, one whiteboard, and an actual pen and paper old school one) This helps me mentally and from forgetting things. I write everything down. I have basically three separate jobs. One is my photography, my mom life with the kids, and my spiritual routine that includes many hours of volunteering. The only way I can do all three is by succeeding in time management and lots of prayers.
  • Book the right clients. Their referrals usually come with people who have similar awesome personalities. And I LOVE my clients. We have become friends and I get to watch the kids grow each year. Editing their bright beautiful faces gives me so much joy daily.
  • Give back and do things you want to for free from the kindness of your heart. Let it be the most unsuspecting client. Do it for trade sometimes. These are the things that help you bypass burnout. I do this instead of discounting sessions. I give extra time and extra images. All the little things are actually the big things that will set you apart from the nickel and dimers out there.

Now time to focus on this sweetheart. She is my baby sister. I welcomed her to the world in the birthing room with my stepmom and Dad. I’m so proud of her and all her accomplishments. She’s a natural beauty inside and out. She’s an animal lover to the core and an artist. We have so many fond memories together. Countless sleepovers, trips to the Zoo and ice cream joints were just a few. With all those many talents I present her.