Ben ~ Class of 2022~ Duvall

Why should you have senior photos taken? Why not use one of the million selfies you have or have a friend take them. Well my take on this is that you don’t need to. But I do have many reasons you will want to.

First off, this is a grand momentous moment in your life. All those moments should be documented so you can reminisce over the years. Graduating is something to be proud of. School is not easy and neither is dealing with some of your classmates. It took hard work and tons of effort to be present and learn everyday. And especially now after what we just went through with Covid.

Your photo will be on the walls of various members of your family. You will see this photo every holiday or every time you visit that family member. So make sure it’s an awesome photo that you can be proud of. Or you will be annoyed each time you see a dreaded one of yourself that they may have picked out themselves.

There will be announcements and slideshows at your grad party. I have photographed several of these parties and you will be life size on the walls. I guarantee it! And someone else is picking those photos. They will definitely use ones from your senior session.

The actual time you spend taking the photos is and should be very fun and celebratory. We laugh, run, dance, and do all kinds of silly things making this a good time. I have yet to do a session that didn’t involve all of those things or someone who just didn’t have any fun.

Do this for your future self and your prodigy. I love to get out the photos and check out mom, dad, and all the grandparents at this time. It’s one of the best images I can find of them besides the ones at their wedding. Those photos are a treasure for the whole family.

And you will have a good boost of serotonin after you see how you were captured in such amazing spirits and how good you looked. Maybe you had your makeup done or were in the best shape of your life after the years of football or track. You have your favorite clothes or your favorite car in the shot. It’s your time to shine.

I could probably think of many more reasons to do this. But I’ll leave the Video of my last client. And all I can say is it was a good day!