Emma is One~Duvall Studio

This little cutie was back for her one year photos.  The highlight of course was the cake smash.  It was exploding with cuteness for me to watch her devour her cupcake.  She didn’t hesitate for a second to begin digging in.  Just a few crumbs remained.

Since the weather had been so terrible, dark, and rainy I’ve had many of my sessions  postpone in hopes of the sun making an appearance. But this doll could come hang in the studio.  So we had no problems capturing her curious nature and that million dollar smile (I had that saying said about my daughter so it makes me laugh inside to write it out with the memory attached to her too).

After a year goes by you see this totally different tiny human arrive.  It’s really amazing.  One thing remained the same, however, her sweet happy nature and the joy in her mamas eyes as she watches her.  I’m sure I have the most obnoxious smile on my smile observing. So pay no attention to my expressions while I photograph you.  Inside my head I’m screaming I LOVE MY JOB! Next up are a couple of family sessions.  So make sure to come back for a peek.

Here are some of my favorite images~


Meet Jared~Class of 2017~Cedarcrest

If you’ve ever had the joy of scrolling through http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com you will see the inspiration for a few of our photos in this session.  And you may die of laughter after you spend some time on that site.  Sorry, I tried to warn you…

Finding clients with a great sense of humor and their confidence in my creative abilities is my dream.  I found just that with this guy and his family.  Also shooting close to home is always a plus.  The high school here is an excellent choice of location.  I hope to go back there again soon.   And we still had snow there!  I did give them a heads up that models suffer through the cold so that’s what we did.

I wish you all the best after you graduate!

Here are my favorites from the sesh.

Natasha//Class of 2017//Farrel McWhirter Farm Park

Happy Fall everyone!  It’s my favorite session time of the year and everything pumpkin spice.  It’s also our anniversary this weekend.  So it really is a special time of the year for me.

This session has extra special meaning for me because this is my sister.  We have the age gap of 23 years, so as you could image, she’s like my own.  We share a special bond.  So collaborating ideas and the session was the easy part.  Editing and staring at this beauty was so surreal and emotional.  How did the time go so fast?  I kept remembering myself at this age and how difficult those few teenage years were for me.  But then you come out of it stronger, brighter, more determined to set goals and squash them.

You can do anything right now.  Carry that heart on your sleeve proud and the lives you touch will forever be grateful.

The bombs represented power, strength, and passion.

Thank you for being true to yourself.  I’ve learned a lot and kept thinking what would I tell my seventeen year old self.  I always wanted to please everyone and still do, but I’ve learned that you have to take care of yourself too.  It’s ok to say no.  Keep swimming with your head up.  Attitude is gold.  That with your faith you’ve got this thing called life.  When you stumble refocus.  Stand up again and fight. Pray everyday.  Ok enough of me ranting.

And now for my favorites.

Meet the Boustedts~Tolt Mcdonald Park, Carnation

So I found a girl with the most energy I’ve ever seen.  Really!  We met and after than she ran and ran and ran!  So I tried to keep up!  I think I’m going to really consider taking up running now to keep up with these clients of mine.  It’s worth it because they are so vibrant and expressive.  But I know I was out of breath!! 🙂

The first part of our session was a normal shoot and then we transformed into her pretend world with a tea party and dancing.  I was tearing up when I saw the father daughter dancing.  I have a daughter and I want my hubby to do this.  These guys brought a cool experience along with them that was touching for me to capture.  Needless to say I love these guys!!

Enjoy my highlights!

IMG_1653 IMG_1692 IMG_1704 IMG_1711-Edit IMG_1743-Edit IMG_1750 IMG_1799 IMG_1818-Edit IMG_1846-Edit IMG_1853 IMG_1873-Edit IMG_1933 IMG_1699-Edit

Fashion Shoot~private home in Duvall

A recent photo shoot allowed me to dabble in a new genre~ the world of fashion and portfolio building.  I loved exploring this side of photography.  It was challenging and exciting to have a little crew of workers all collaborating ideas.  I learned so much at this shoot.  I love expanding my horizons.

This selection of photos were just part one of a series to come.  What a beauty!  I want to give a big thank you to all that helped.  The home that we were able to use was so beautiful.  I think I walked around saying I love this to every wall I saw.

Thank you so much for this experience, Vannessa!  It’s been wonderful reconnecting on such a creative venture!   

Meet the Bhatias~Redmond City Hall

There is something special about photographing the ones you love.  You already know their personalities.  I don’t have the same nervousness with them.  Like, “What will they think of me when I have to act like a fool in front of their kids to get them to laugh?”  Which, I am getting pretty good at.

For this session I got to do just that.  I shot three people I love! I got to be “Miss Amber” for the session chasing my little Forrest Gump all over the park.  I love his perfect manners and his contagious spirit.  If I could only keep up….LOL!  I need to start running to get in shape for the next session~STAT.

They chose this awesome location right by the redmond city hall.  What a beautiful and perfect spot.  There weren’t a ton a people around and we had the fountain, sculptures, flowers, grassy fields, and colorful art to use for a modern urbany park feel.  So I’ll be going back to use that location again for sure.

Here are a few of my favorite images of the session.

Thank you so much for the honor of coming to me for this session.  You guys are so special to me.  I love being a part of your lives.  And I can’t wait for our next vacation!  Love you guys!

The Sunshine Cynic Unplugged~Celtic Bayou

As I sat in my car outside the Celtic Bayou I wanted to puke.  I was nauseous, shaky, and unnerved.  I wanted to stay in my car, somehow get out of my commitment,  and drive back home.  In my 34 years it was totally out of my comfort zone to photograph in a bar…. period.  Sure, I’d taken a point and shoot in the club or bar before to mess around with friends, but this was different.  I had to stand up and try to look professional in front on a large group of my friends in a situation I wasn’t comfortable in.  I took a lot of deep breaths before walking in that door.

Thank goodness I bit the bullet and went inside. because it ended up to be an extremely awesome experience for me.  One I would love to do more of.  My friend’s band gave a great performance as I’m sure they always do.  You can listen to them here.  And along with their group, the Celtic Bayou, had a bunch of other great gigs singing too.  It was a place I would definitely go back to.

The photo below I titled {follow your dreams} because I’ve watched my friend, Josh,  and many other friends put their hearts and souls into the passion they have and seen what they’ve created given a life.  Their abilities amaze me, they inspired me, they spark the fire I have inside me to create and move forward.  I am stepping outside my own box now.  As tough as that may be at times.  I will try anything.  I may only be 5′ 2″, but I have a strong force driving me.  I really want this.

To see more of my photos of the band come over to my shop.


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I have a new storefront where you can purchase prints for your home.  All of my current work will now be here

Maternity Sneak Peak

I keep coming back to this picture.  I think it reminds me of the girl with the pearl earing for some reason. 


I learned so much from this session and the wedding we shot this weekend.  So for my benefit I’ll jot some things down.  First of all always having my son baby-sat during a shoot is crucial for me.  I can give my undivided attention and that is exactly what I need to give.  Second, going to wedding rehearsals before the wedding helped us out.  We were able to orchestrate our dance, or plan of action.  We knew where to be and which light stand we were in charge of.  Third, our bride gave us a detailed program of events that was awesome to refer to.  Even though we were about 30 minutes later than the timeline read, it was great to know the sequence of events.  Especially when there were events I’ve never seen before.  Like a reverse garter toss.  You’ll have to check back for pictures to know just what I’m talking about.

Oh and my backyard works great even in the middle of the day.  I have so much shade back there.  So bring on the sun!

Photo Walk

Last weekend I was able to participate in the I ♥ faces photo walk in Seattle.  Some beautiful girls modeled for us on the streets  of downtown.  I really had no idea what to expect since I hadn’t done anything like this before.  But I can now say I know what it’s like to be a part of the paparazzi.  Well, maybe just a glimmer!  We were a bit of a spectacle to say the least.  People were crowding around us to see what the heck we were doing.  There were great area’s to take photos.  The Olympic Sculpture Park was awesome. http://www.seattleartmuseum.org/visit/OSP/

Ok here are a few shots!