Laura Thorpe~Art~Fall City

When you create art and are asked to capture an artist you drift immediately in thought and have tons of butterflies. I can’t think of a higher honor than this. A person that inspires me through their passions who values me this way. I am so grateful for a session like this one.

So how do you do that anyway? How do you prep for such a thing? Well it starts with following their work and getting to know this side of a person. In fact, it’s just one side of our complex selves. I find it easy to have them go through the normal process of what they do daily. I watch them create. I ask a lot of questions. And I really get to know them.

Personally I love art and took all the art classes I could. I took painting and found it quite difficult. Especially a realistic painting. So I fell in love with abstract art. And once I won $50 in a state competition. But I put down the paint brush and dabbled in other things. And I end up just doodling daily with thousands of post it notes and planner pages.

So to watch this beautiful process unfold I was just mesmerized. From her darling studio and art displays to the park like backyard that transported me to a setting right out of the Anne of Green Gables books. I honestly didn’t want to leave. The peace and serenity were so desirable. Most of us would dream to paint or draw or read a great novel in this backyard.

If you want to come check out her work click here.