The Sunshine Cynic Unplugged~Celtic Bayou

As I sat in my car outside the Celtic Bayou I wanted to puke.  I was nauseous, shaky, and unnerved.  I wanted to stay in my car, somehow get out of my commitment,  and drive back home.  In my 34 years it was totally out of my comfort zone to photograph in a bar…. period.  Sure, I’d taken a point and shoot in the club or bar before to mess around with friends, but this was different.  I had to stand up and try to look professional in front on a large group of my friends in a situation I wasn’t comfortable in.  I took a lot of deep breaths before walking in that door.

Thank goodness I bit the bullet and went inside. because it ended up to be an extremely awesome experience for me.  One I would love to do more of.  My friend’s band gave a great performance as I’m sure they always do.  You can listen to them here.  And along with their group, the Celtic Bayou, had a bunch of other great gigs singing too.  It was a place I would definitely go back to.

The photo below I titled {follow your dreams} because I’ve watched my friend, Josh,  and many other friends put their hearts and souls into the passion they have and seen what they’ve created given a life.  Their abilities amaze me, they inspired me, they spark the fire I have inside me to create and move forward.  I am stepping outside my own box now.  As tough as that may be at times.  I will try anything.  I may only be 5′ 2″, but I have a strong force driving me.  I really want this.

To see more of my photos of the band come over to my shop.



  1. Fantastic Amber!!! You did a really great job and I espescially love the last one. The light is spot on artistic. You make us proud, keep it up.

  2. Really great shots, nice work! I especially love the first image, I could feel his passion the moment I looked at it.

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