Hayden~Class of 2023~Senior Portrait Photographer

Off we went, fluttering throughout the sunflower fields at Muddy Boots in Duvall and a field in Woodinville with this beautiful lady. The sunflowers here are just so gorgeous and have a calming effect . There is no way you can not smile. We decided it would be a great idea to cut some flowers to use as some the props.

The other field we went to was also a gorgeous spot to capture the sunset at the end of the session. Its a popular place for other fellow photographers to gatherers well. So we saw many more smiles and unique dog breeds walking all around. Hayden even saw her rare dog breed there.

When you book with me I will send a questionnaire to fill out. Please take the time to fill out in detail all the questions. Collaborating on the location desires will really set you apart with what we end up picking. Lately, I’ve been to so many new places due to this process. After 12 years, I am so surprised to continuously find all these hidden gems are still out there. You can also look through my blog to see all the places and what they really look like. Google does an okay job of having some images but sometimes it doesn’t. And if it’s a farm it’s great to call ahead and ask what the cost is or if they have events running and don’t allow photos at certain times. Many times it’s just paying the entrance fee to get in unless you are a wedding party. Then you will usually need a permit to shoot at those places.

My little town has so many unique beautiful areas to take advantage of. And whatever town you live in you may know of many hidden gems as well.

I’m currently shooting mostly seniors right now, a few families, and some new babies yet to be born. September and October are fully booked. So for planning November is a great time for families to get there photos done for yearly cards. I see that brown tones are hot right now. So winter is an awesome time of the year for that look.

Now for the star of this post. Hayden ~ Class of 2023