Ellie~Class of 2023~Senior Portrait Photographer

A little fire filter in the sky was perfect for the setting here in Snohomish.

This young lady brought the etherial boho vibes and I was obsessed. The flower crown and bouquet were purchased from the amazing https://thepetalandthestem.com . It’s the most beautiful I have seen. If you are looking for some florals I highly recommend them.

Let’s talk about how to capture the looks. How do you bring out a personality you don’t know? The fifty plus emails you send back and forth can start you off in the right direction. The right questions asked and a good memory of what you discussed at the shoot are very pretty crucial. Then comes the art of observation and the art of really listening. Not just to what they say, but how they carry themselves. What makes a person laugh or shy back from you? What are they drawn to in your surroundings? You can tell if a pose is natural by looking at them. Body language does speak volumes as does the silence. If you do all the talking you can’t do those other important steps. Some of the quiet moments are my favorite to document.

Asking for feedback can be terrifying. But being modest and realizing we are a work in progress and that we can all improve in our skills will be beneficial to our growth. If you’re feeling burnt out or a lack of motivation it means we aren’t growing or learning new things. It’s time to add yourself to a photography group or try a new genre for a bit. Shoot for yourself. Shoot something different. Shoot with intention. Comment on other photographers creatively taking time to really dissect what you appreciate in the art you are loving.

Thank you for coming by. Thank you for the support and encouragement. Twelve years have gone by and I love every minute creating these moments.