Kelli and Nick ~ Wedding Photography

Imagine the scene

Getting ready in your uncles log cabin home with just a few of your family members for an intimate ceremony. Nostalgia is all over the walls with your favorite singers and songwriters. You can smell a hint of wood burning like a campfire outside. The light is a slight matte orange color and ash is falling like snow all day. There is a fire burning some miles away. This creates a unique filter you can’t quite place anywhere you’ve been.

The grounds are transformed to add some happy wedding touches with sunflowers and a sage green. The woods make this fairytale like setting. Something you dream of playing in as a kid. During the ceremony you decide to write your own vows and speak from the heart. This makes for an emotional packed moment you’ll remember forever.

The rest of the day you have friends pouring in. You really get to talk and hug everyone. Then you end the rest of the night with dancing and heart warming smiles.

Instead of sharing the individual images I created this slide that is better experienced in whole to the end. If you want to feel something today stop, take a gander, and turn the music up.

Kelli & Nick

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