Lili~2years~Cottage Lake Park

Joy is to fun what the deep sea is to a puddle. It’s a feeling in side that can hardly contained.

Terry Pratchett

Let’s talk about the morning light. And how awesome it was that this family brought along a little music to dance too. I must admit that we also had clouds and a peek of sun. This whole combination created this beautiful setting. And these beauty queens are gorgeous clients I get to capture each year. They make my job super easy.

Seeing Lili’s joy on the swing was absolutely precious. I wish we all had that feeling at least once a day. Life around us would really change for the better. If we could just see life through the eyes of a two year old. The gratitude and wonderment of all the things around us experienced like they see it. It’s really something to think about. I really appreciate the adventures that I take with you all at these parks and trails. And I get to play with your kiddos like I did with my own in their younger years. I feel very blessed.

That weekend we were also able to take some back to school pictures. We set things up in the garage and were able to see about 11 families. I appreciate all the gifts and seeing friends that I haven’t seen since last February. Our new normal is slowly coming. Whatever changes are ahead we are taking them in stride and look forward to whatever life is like. We have had time to meditate and reflect on what we want for the future.