Meet the Mowery’s ~ Duvall, WA Photographer

Sessions at your own home are so amazing!  This family lives close to me and has a spectacular view of the valley.  Also their home was equally jaw dropping.  My new dream home in fact.  And they have the cutest boys ever. We happen to get a sun break from the rain and dark clouds [...]

Colton~Class of 2019~

We have a senior photo shoot here with all the elements.  His family joined in and their pets were included as well.  And this was all shot on their awesome property.  Which makes for a magical, unique session.  This was my second time coming here for a shoot and I'm sure I was grinning ear [...]

Meet the Morrows ~ Told McDonald, Carnation

Hello Autumn!   As you can see, the trees are turning in these images.  It's my favorite time of the year for sessions.  This one had the rain to challenge me, but I think we managed to bypass, and use this building to our advantage.  Sometimes you need more creativity that others.  These challenges are [...]

Meet Bodhi~Duvall Newborn in studio

I don't know about you, but as school is approaching I'm so nostalgic with my kids and how fast the time has flown.  And then to have a tiny newborn in the studio it really makes me think.  This was just a few years ago right!  Actually no.  It was so long ago.  Did I [...]

Meet the Bensons~McCormick Park, Duvall

Everything is popping in this post~ the baby bump, the colors, and the bright beaming smiles.  The golden hour paired with this adorable family made for a dreamy photo shoot.  I love being able to celebrate this time in your lives with you.  I get so much joy when someone in my town finds me [...]

Meet Ezekiel~Newborn Photography, Monroe

What do I do with all this love that's running through my veins?~ John Mayer  That's what I feel when I look at all the images from a session.  It's overwhelming to narrow things down to what I give away and hope will make the wall or photo album you can look at throughout the [...]

Maurers~Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park, Redmond

You probably recognized this beautiful family from earlier posts last year.  They are the best.  I love the kid's energy and Dad's jokes.  He kept me laughing the whole time.  This was their first time to this park, which I grew up coming too.  There are animals and trails that are all free of charge.  If [...]

Goodbye 2017~Hello 2018

I just wanted to express to all my clients of 2017 how much I adore each of you and appreciate your kind words.  Some of your sessions weren't posted and kept private, but I still look at your images and think of the time spent on each face.  Supporting me in this creative outlet brings [...]

Meet the McFalls~Carnation Photographer

I thought I'd switch things up and post the images without the dynamic grid.  Let me know which format you like better. I personally think this showcases the images better. If I could figure out how to make the grid larger, then it would be a close tie for me Our fabulous fall didn't disappoint [...]

This Stud is One~ McCormick Park, Duvall

This is the second session for this adorable family.  Their son was a newborn the last time I saw him.  And now such a big boy who is about to turn the big 1!  They had a vibrant day with gorgeous sun and fall color here in our small town.  It was actually 70* here. [...]