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Meet two year old Eva~Gig Harbor


After a few private sessions I have one I can share.  If you are ever wondering about keeping your session private please ask.  I have password protection and can skip the social media and blogging-no problemo!

Look who has turned two!  My little doll faced client and friend.  She has a adorably expressive personality with loads of energy.  I was tired, but I did manage to wear her out enough for a nap afterwards.  Which made her parents very happy and they followed suit and joined her.

I loved meeting their new little kitty who loved the balloons.  He was so sweet and snuggly.  And dad joined in the session today.  What’s sweeter than little girls and their daddies?!

Here are the highlights.  I wish I could share every image.  I just loved them all.

Meet the Williams~Tolt McDonald Campground


Can you even stand how adorable this family is!  I am so happy they came to me for there portraits.  They are some more out-of-towners visiting family and scheduled a shoot.  I photographed the mom some years back before marriage and her adorable baby girl came along.

They brought along the adorable props.  The childhood heirloom chair, the giant pink balloon~I’m obsessed.  I think the 8-12 months age is just heaven.  They can’t run from me yet!  Everything that comes in their path is amazement and wonder.  I wish I could share the entire session!

*But here are my absolute favorites*

Jack + Heidi~University of Washington Campus


Happy Spring everyone!  This is the second time I’ve been able to plan a shoot at the exquisite cherry blossoms in full bloom at the university.  Although, it felt like a million people around it was worth the commotion for the beautiful surroundings.

The day didn’t quite start off that great.  My husband had sprained his ankle and had to go to an urgent care clinic.  Thank goodness I can call my mom to save the day.  She watched the kids and my crippled hubby on crutches while I headed out.  Mom….I owe you one!!

Driving to Seattle I was able to refocus and relax while walking to meet my clients.  This session was a combination of an engagement, family, and head shots.  I look forward now to the wedding in the fall at the Hollywood Schoolhouse.  I know they will be making each other laugh and enjoying every minute that day.  Their love radiates around them.  I was no match with my one liners.  I think I’ll be learning some new ones.  I was cracking up.

Here’s my highlights of some wonderful people!

Family Session with the Neresons~Woodinville, WA


This was my last session of 2015.  How did that just happen?! Feels like yesterday right!

I have had someone inquire why I’m not posting at much.  Am I busy?  So if that was on your mind, here is the answer.  I have been very busy making memories!!  My daily photography is now mostly on Instagram of my family life instead of all the clients I have.  Some do ask to be excluded from social media and I respect that.  I do not post headshots.  I like to post my portrait sessions just not the single business photo unless it’s a lifestyle shoot.  I do have an Instagram for my business which is for the most part the same as the Facebook page.  There may be a few posts that are different.  But overall they are the same.  Keeping up on all these outlets is a lot of work.  But I like the challenge.  My blog is slowly catching up.  I have one more session to blog currently.

There will be some changes I’m implementing for 2016. My family is my priority.  That has never changed, but my husband is now home on the weekends.  So vacations and time with my family is very precious to me.  So if I turn a job down please know I want to help you out, but I can’t.  I have a wonderful reason.  I may include some mini sessions in the spring and fall to help you guys get your sessions in.  I will be booking clients for the afternoon or sundown depending on the time of year.  Mornings will be taken for my ministry.  I really appreciate all of you that can book a weekday.  That’s when I have the most free time.   And I am reserving Sundays for myself.  I will not be booking on those days.  It feels good to make some new goals and have a clean schedule.  I look forward to shooting you this year!


Here are some highlights from my last session.  

clean_collage IMG_0381-Edit IMG_0285 IMG_0186 IMG_0219 IMG_0079

Meet the Darlings~Snoqualmie Train Depot


I want to thank all my clients for a wonderful and crazy busy year.  All your kind words, referrals, and reviews have really boosted exposure for my little business.  My clients walk away with a new friend.  I just adore all of you and your families.  The future is bright and so rewarding for me in so many ways.  Thank you so much!

I have a special session to share.  This was a session donated to Cottage Lake Elementary School last February.  What an adorable trio they are.  The little one was a real true darling.  A girl has to live up to her name right?!  She took my hand as we walked around.  I love making friends with my clients.  Knowing how my daughter can react to some strangers I’m thankful I’m approachable.

We ventured to the Snoqualmie train depot, a nearby park, and even their home.  It was a pretty brisk day out with lots of sun shining.  We found out you can grab free hot cocoa or coffee inside one of the trains there.  How nice is that!  Oh and a cookie too.  Take the kids there they will have a blast.

Here are some of my favorite images of our time together!

IMG_9376 IMG_9377-Edit IMG_9595 IMG_9591 IMG_9573-Edit
IMG_9507-EditIMG_9483 IMG_9488IMG_9483IMG_9486
IMG_9449 IMG_9439-Edit-Edit IMG_9402 IMG_9388-Edit

Bhatias are back~Marymoor Park, Redmond WA


My dear friends are back.  This always makes me overjoyed for the session.  I know how to make them laugh and what to talk about right off the bat.  Awkwardness averted!

This particular day we happened to watch the weather and got the only hour of the day that wasn’t a downpour.  There were gusts of wind and sprinkles that we could use for a great session.  We were lucky the weatherman was on point that day.  Due to the weather, no one else was at the park, which is always a plus.  I don’t need to wait while someone passes or have to crop them out.  It’s just me and the subjects goofing off.  I love it!

This family is very special to me.  We’ve gone on vacations together now for years with our family.  We call it going to crazy town (I have no real reason why, we just do). :)-  Ah the memories!!!  LOVE YOU GUYS to the moon and back!!

So here are my highlights!

IMG_8328 IMG_8363 IMG_8381-Edit IMG_8403-Edit IMG_8408-Edit IMG_8421 IMG_8427 IMG_8431-Edit IMG_8434 IMG_8436 IMG_8442 IMG_8450-Edit IMG_8461 IMG_8466 IMG_8475 IMG_8479-Edit

Meet the Yorks~Tolt McDonald Campground, Carnation


Here’s another fall favorite session of mine to share with you all.  A bunch of great people celebrating their parents with a session.  And it also happened to take place at one of my favorite spots.

When the youngest of the crew is 6 the sessions are a breeze.  Sometimes I forget what it’s like to work with adults sometimes.  They actually don’t make me run and listen.  Well for the most part!  Teeheeehee.  My favorite part was the cousins playing chicken on each others shoulders.  Not as easy as it looks.

My tip for shooting large families would be letting them tell stories about each other.  You are bound for some real laughs and unique expressions.

Here are some of my highlights for you guys.  Enjoy~


IMG_8053 IMG_8066 IMG_8088 IMG_8112 IMG_8126-Edit IMG_8138 IMG_8175 IMG_8190 IMG_8235 IMG_8255-Edit IMG_8258-Edit IMG_8262  IMG_8279

Meet the Allgiers~Sky River Park, Monroe


I have a super fun session to post of some adorable friends. Loads of smiles and love shared between them.  It all started as a gift from the parents a while back (I won’t say how long back ;)) but we were finally together for the session this fall.

I loved the cooperation of PDA and rolling down hills, arm wrestling, and leaf wars.  WHAT A FUN FAMILY!!  Thanks for letting me made you all do crazy things.  And thank you to all the families that came to me this year.  I adore you all!

Many people are asking if they can bring their beloved animals to their session and the answer is a huge YES!  Just let me know ahead of time.  I think it adds something very special to your photographs.  It’s so fun to see their huge personalities.

IMG_7238-Edit IMG_7247 IMG_7278-EditIMG_7300


IMG_7395IMG_7400 IMG_7433-Edit IMG_7488 IMG_7552 IMG_7557-Edit IMG_7566-Edit

Meet the Boustedts~Tolt Mcdonald Park, Carnation


So I found a girl with the most energy I’ve ever seen.  Really!  We met and after than she ran and ran and ran!  So I tried to keep up!  I think I’m going to really consider taking up running now to keep up with these clients of mine.  It’s worth it because they are so vibrant and expressive.  But I know I was out of breath!!🙂

The first part of our session was a normal shoot and then we transformed into her pretend world with a tea party and dancing.  I was tearing up when I saw the father daughter dancing.  I have a daughter and I want my hubby to do this.  These guys brought a cool experience along with them that was touching for me to capture.  Needless to say I love these guys!!

Enjoy my highlights!

IMG_1653 IMG_1692 IMG_1704 IMG_1711-Edit IMG_1743-Edit IMG_1750 IMG_1799 IMG_1818-Edit IMG_1846-Edit IMG_1853 IMG_1873-Edit IMG_1933 IMG_1699-Edit

Benge Family~Tolt McDonald Campground




I had another group of extended family for photos last month.  Two of the families were clients previously so it was fun to see them all together!  That was a ton of kiddos!

I love watching cousins together.  I never had any my own age growing up so what a blessing that is to see. I’m so happy my own kids that this with their cousins too.  I thought they rocked the outfits.  I love the color combo and how they all still look different.  It was so hot this day, but we survived without melting.

Thank you so much for coming back guys!!  Here are my favorites from the session!!

IMG_0968-Edit-Edit IMG_0985-Edit IMG_0990-Edit IMG_1008 IMG_1113-Edit IMG_1129 IMG_1133 IMG_1149-Edit IMG_1177-Edit IMG_1195-Edit IMG_1201-Edit IMG_1207-Edit IMG_1222 IMG_1227-Edit IMG_1259 IMG_1288

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