Meet the Williams~Woodinville Photography

October 1st, how did you sneak up on us like this?! I met so many lovely families in September.  This family invited me to capture them at their beautiful home. What a treat for me.  There wasn’t a spot that wouldn’t work as a beautiful backdrop.  And how great is the color combo they wore.

What does October have in store for you?  I’ll be celebrating 19 years with my husband next month.  We have decided to take a trip to some warmer weather. I can’t wait for that.  I have another senior shoot and two returning families coming in the next couple of weeks.  The school routine is shaping up and I’m trying my best to use my alone time as productively as possible.  There is a real adjustment working around two school calendars and making sure I make good to do lists.  I love the structure.  We have little home projects we have going.  Next up is staining the front porch.  I hope you all enjoy your new month of possibilities.

So now grab your pumpkin spice latte in your warm cozy sweater and take a peek at this beautiful family.~