Meet the Maurers~Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland

Have you ever met someone and realized later that you had met previously? Well this happened to me with this beautiful mother.  It had been about 6 years or so when her son was a young toddler.  We met at a mutual friend’s baby shower.  I guess I don’t forget faces.  Especially ones that I’ve photographed.  Names on the other hand I don’t have a clue two seconds after I’m told most of the time.  I’ll have to try the rhyming game to get that down.

We had a great time together at the park running and exploring.  Spring here is just as pretty as the fall with the willow trees and tiny budding flowers among the grass.  Also along the boardwalk were a forest of ferns growing.  It was beautiful.  I want to go back and see more with my family soon.

And this baby with her tongue.  Be still my heart.  What a doll!!!

~Here’s the highlights~



Emma is One~Duvall Studio

This little cutie was back for her one year photos.  The highlight of course was the cake smash.  It was exploding with cuteness for me to watch her devour her cupcake.  She didn’t hesitate for a second to begin digging in.  Just a few crumbs remained.

Since the weather had been so terrible, dark, and rainy I’ve had many of my sessions  postpone in hopes of the sun making an appearance. But this doll could come hang in the studio.  So we had no problems capturing her curious nature and that million dollar smile (I had that saying said about my daughter so it makes me laugh inside to write it out with the memory attached to her too).

After a year goes by you see this totally different tiny human arrive.  It’s really amazing.  One thing remained the same, however, her sweet happy nature and the joy in her mamas eyes as she watches her.  I’m sure I have the most obnoxious smile on my smile observing. So pay no attention to my expressions while I photograph you.  Inside my head I’m screaming I LOVE MY JOB! Next up are a couple of family sessions.  So make sure to come back for a peek.

Here are some of my favorite images~


Meet the Campbells~Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland

I’m very excited to share this session with you guys.  It’s full of joy, laughter, love, energy, and one serious baby.  I met this family through a referral of one of their sisters.  Since they were such a lovely family I was not surprised to find out these guys were also awesome.

We literally had one beautiful sunny pacific northwest fall day that we happened to pick for the session.  At the park there were at least 3 other photo shoots happening at the same time.  I had to ask if I could borrow a tree another group was using.  That’s a first for me.  They were taking a break so we claimed the tree.

And today happens to be another beautiful day so I’m off for another family session.  But first I hope you love my highlights.  I have so many great images these guys received three times my ballpark number promised.  I wish I could share them all but that would take you guys forever to look through.  So here are a few to peruse.

Meet two year old Eva~Gig Harbor

After a few private sessions I have one I can share.  If you are ever wondering about keeping your session private please ask.  I have password protection and can skip the social media and blogging-no problemo!

Look who has turned two!  My little doll faced client and friend.  She has a adorably expressive personality with loads of energy.  I was tired, but I did manage to wear her out enough for a nap afterwards.  Which made her parents very happy and they followed suit and joined her.

I loved meeting their new little kitty who loved the balloons.  He was so sweet and snuggly.  And dad joined in the session today.  What’s sweeter than little girls and their daddies?!

Here are the highlights.  I wish I could share every image.  I just loved them all.

Meet the Bartolettis~Farrel Mcwhirter Farm Park

We have some Seahawk fans in this session!  Go Hawks!

So they had some fun tackling each other.  I can’t think of anything more fun, that little boys could have, than tackling dad.  And I’m all for fun!  For this shoot we are back at one of my favorite parks~ Farrel Mcwhiter.  It’s one of those private wide open spaces close to home.

I had a great time following the boys around.  I hope you enjoy my favorites. I always give 80+ images with each session so this is really just a tease.  But I think you guys all know that.

Next week is spring break for us!  Enjoy yours.

IMG_8035-Edit IMG_8029 IMG_8010 IMG_8005 IMG_7999 IMG_7988 IMG_7981-Edit IMG_7899 IMG_7864-Edit IMG_7796 IMG_7780-Edit IMG_7766-Edit IMG_7761 IMG_7743 IMG_7740-Edit

Meet the Edwards~Lake Rasmussen, Duvall




It’s wonderful to watch your clients growing families.  Since newborns, I have been capturing these two.  They are just about perfect every time. I don’t even have to run to chase them.  :)-  I did however, try out a new product I have to capture their attention.  I used a camera lens buddy off Etsy.  And it worked like a charm.   If you have the time you could knit one for yourself pretty easily.

This location is right by my house.  This works well to have some studio shots and outdoor shots in the colder weather months.  So then the kiddos are only outside for around a half an hour or so.  Here are a few of my favorites from our session.

I hope you all enjoy your time off with your families this weekend.  AND….. Go Hawks!!

IMG_4349-Edit BlogBoard-4 BlogBoard-11 IMG_4382-Edit IMG_4425-Edit IMG_4523 IMG_4531 IMG_4493 IMG_4584 IMG_4604-Edit

Meet Sage & Nicolas~Tolt McDonald Campground






I’d like you guys to meet a couple of miracles I know.  These two are so special to me…. I couldn’t possibly know where to begin except it’s a miracle they are both here with both of their parents.  I cry just thinking about it.  For awareness sake, this is the condition that almost took everything from them.

But here they are healthy and happy today.  They are surrounded by loving family and friends, thriving with happiness.

We all hug our babies a little tighter and longer because of them. I love you guys!

IMG_0659 IMG_0660-Edit IMG_0665-Edit IMG_0707 IMG_0689-Edit IMG_0738 IMG_0775 IMG_0790 IMG_0794-Edit IMG_0798-Edit IMG_0764-Edit IMG_0833 IMG_0835 IMG_0836-Edit IMG_0718-Edit IMG_0725 IMG_0763

Cousins~Heritage Park, Kirkland, WA






What a bunch of cuties right!!  I had a cousin shoot recently which is a wonderful idea for the family gift.  What else can you get your parents that they would treasure forever and can’t get themselves.  Their grandchildren’s beaming faces is one such gift.  I’ve done this personally and it’s perfect.

We went to Heritage Park in Kirkland above the waterfront.  It’s great it you want a dry place for the kiddos and still see the water.  Also a great place to take your pooch.

Each of these cuties is full of energy,as you’ll see, and big contagious smiles.  I hope you all enjoy the lifestyle shoot.


IMG_8997 IMG_9007 IMG_9039-Edit IMG_9040-Edit IMG_9050 IMG_9063-Edit IMG_9045 IMG_9101 IMG_9162 IMG_8906-Edit IMG_8914-Edit IMG_8933 IMG_8956 IMG_9017-Edit-2 IMG_9066 IMG_9092-Edit-2 IMG_9113-Edit

Ensign Family~Country Village

Back again.  Look who’s back.  Nine months have flown by, haven’t they.  This sweet family was a joy for me to work with again.  Our location is a fantastic place to take your littles.  If you haven’t been here,  check out the Country Village in Bothell. It’s time to carve out some family time in our beautiful pacific northwest.  Check the link for up and coming events there.  We watched the ducks, chickens, and rode vintage merry go rounds.  You can also find all kinds of unique treasures in the shops.

These kids love the movie Frozen.  They sang the songs to me word for word without skipping a beat.  I LOVED it.  I loved to hear the their stories and laugh.  These two are such gifts.  I can’t wait to see them again.  I hope you guys enjoy my favorite shots.


sweet innocence

IMG_7670 IMG_7682 IMG_7688-Edit IMG_7692-Edit IMG_7707 IMG_7714-Edit IMG_7839-Edit IMG_7864-Edit IMG_7882-Edit IMG_7885 IMG_7888 IMG_7921-Edit IMG_7937-Edit IMG_8026-Edit IMG_8040 IMG_8064

Meet the Wiggins~Snohomish, WA

Well after enjoying some yummy “moose tracks” ice cream I’m ready to show off some more gorgeous faces on the blog.  I wish I could bottle up the energy that these two little ones have.  I’m not sure the energizer bunny could keep up.  😉  Its good practice for me though.  Because I also have a little mover and shaker on my hands.  My little 10 month old will soon be walking or shall we say running.

This shoot was at their lovely home.  It is perfect for these two to run and jump around to their heart’s content.  This was the second time I’ve photographed the boys.  So I was pretty excited to shoot them all.  The littlest one was so into the session.  I LOVED it!  They are both just way too cute!

I can’t even tell you guys how much I love the freedom you give me with these lifestyle sessions.  Each time I walk away with my permagrin smile that I’m sure was there the whole two hours.  Thank you all for supporting me!!

Here are my favorites of some of my favorites!IMG_4873

IMG_4898 IMG_4929 IMG_4877 IMG_4874  Well normally I would put my thank you on the end of my blog post, but for some reason word press is not cooperating.

So anyways, I wanted to thank Kyle and Tasha so much! 

You are wonderful hands on parents.  I can see how much the boys love you both!  I feel like they would be great at sports with all that energy and climbing ability.  IMG_4837-Edit IMG_4835 IMG_4824 IMG_4815 IMG_4800 IMG_4793 IMG_4768 IMG_4767