Meet the musician ~ Alki Beach, Seattle




Welcome to the busiest time of the year for my little business.  So that’s why I’m just now posting this session and the following.

This guy is a friend of mine that I have photographed in the past as he played with his band.  He is a very talented musician, singer, & song writer.  I really enjoy his music.  Hit him up for guitar lessons.  He can teach beginner to advanced students.  If you want more information contact me and I’ll pass it along.

I do have a funny little story about our session too.  Somehow along the way a cell phone went missing and since I was the last call the fuzz started calling me.  I was pretty oblivious saying, “What do you mean Josh….what…what are you talking about??”  My blonde roots were taking over so I didn’t realize what they were saying to me.  I composed myself to meet the officers on bikes and retrieved the missing phone.  So when my friend walked up and saw the cell phone waving in the hand it was pretty funny.  I now can add magician to my resume.   I guess I need to keep the secrets of my ways a secret for that to work.

So here are my favorites of the lot. 

IMG_8535-Edit IMG_8542 IMG_8548 IMG_8557 IMG_8581-Edit IMG_8627-Edit IMG_8637 IMG_8687 IMG_8771 IMG_8856 IMG_8699 IMG_8799-Edit IMG_8865 IMG_8881-Edit