Meet the musician ~ Alki Beach, Seattle


      Welcome to the busiest time of the year for my little business.  So that’s why I’m just now posting this session and the following. This guy is a friend of mine that I have photographed in the past as he played with his band.  He is a very talented musician, singer, & […]

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Meet the Bonsers~Denny Park, Kirkland


Another session at the golden hour.  And to have photographed a lovely, beautiful family.  What a lucky lady I am! We corresponded over a year ago about this session and it was worth the wait.  I had such a fun time with them and the kiddos.  Denny Park has such beautiful scenery!  It was such a clear […]

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Meet the Lozanos~Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

This week I am celebrating 12 years of marriage to my highschool sweetheart.  We made it a family affair and went to Victoria, BC.  Lately, we don’t get a whole lot of time together so we treasure every minute we spend with each other. Right before we left I was privileged to capture this family.  I know […]

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Meet Megan and her tots~Alki Beach, Seattle


If you’re not a fan of posing for pictures then this is for you. This session made me super excited because it was all candid.  I loved the freedom to shoot everything and anything my little heart desired.  I think I actually got a pretty good workout running, ducking, and walking the beach.  And they […]

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Meet the Greenwells~Kayak Point Beach


Feeling nostalgic lately? ~I am Meeting up with an old friend for a photo shoot sure brings back great memories.  It makes me think of the white Hyundai with black tinted windows and dice in the mirror (I miss driving a stick).   Back when I wore my dad’s jeans, converse, and walked with a […]

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