Meet the musician ~ Alki Beach, Seattle




Welcome to the busiest time of the year for my little business.  So that’s why I’m just now posting this session and the following.

This guy is a friend of mine that I have photographed in the past as he played with his band.  He is a very talented musician, singer, & song writer.  I really enjoy his music.  Hit him up for guitar lessons.  He can teach beginner to advanced students.  If you want more information contact me and I’ll pass it along.

I do have a funny little story about our session too.  Somehow along the way a cell phone went missing and since I was the last call the fuzz started calling me.  I was pretty oblivious saying, “What do you mean Josh….what…what are you talking about??”  My blonde roots were taking over so I didn’t realize what they were saying to me.  I composed myself to meet the officers on bikes and retrieved the missing phone.  So when my friend walked up and saw the cell phone waving in the hand it was pretty funny.  I now can add magician to my resume.   I guess I need to keep the secrets of my ways a secret for that to work.

So here are my favorites of the lot. 

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Meet the Bonsers~Denny Park, Kirkland

Another session at the golden hour.  And to have photographed a lovely, beautiful family.  What a lucky lady I am!

We corresponded over a year ago about this session and it was worth the wait.  I had such a fun time with them and the kiddos.  Denny Park has such beautiful scenery!  It was such a clear day and not too crowded.  It’s a great beach to take the kids on a hot summer day. It’s composed of 46 acres. There are four fields along the Lake Washington waterfront between Holmes Point Drive and Lake Washington. On the other side of the road are several trails through the woods. Winding up the Denny Creek Ravine, you are surrounded by tall trees of our native forest.  We used the huge magnolia tree and the bridges along the pathway.  Also there is a playground for the kids to play.

I had a lot of fun playing with the sun in our pics.  So here are my favorites!  Enjoy!♥














Thank you so much Roland and Rebecca!  You have wonderful kiddos.  I could see you are great parents and so in love. 

I couldn’t ask for better people to be around!

Meet the Lozanos~Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

This week I am celebrating 12 years of marriage to my highschool sweetheart.  We made it a family affair and went to Victoria, BC.  Lately, we don’t get a whole lot of time together so we treasure every minute we spend with each other.

Right before we left I was privileged to capture this family.  I know they love their time together too.  I could feel their unity in parenting these small children.  Strong loving parents are the foundation of a strong family.  I know they are going to raise these wonderful children into inspiring caring adults.  I could already see them nurturing each other.

This location was awesome and huge.  So there are many areas you can find a private spot to shoot.  You can actually even grab a bite to eat at Kid Valley or Ivars while you’re here.  You can read more about Coulon park here.

…family photos can be some of the most challenging shoots.  But I always come away with real moments that display all kinds of different emotions caught.  So here’s to our hard work Tiffany!

I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do.

Thank you Tiffany and Juan for coming back to me for your family portraits.  I love your family.  I feel very welcome and could have jumped in your car and gone home with you guys.  I feel like we are old pals!  I look forward to many more fun memories with you guys! 

Meet Megan and her tots~Alki Beach, Seattle

If you’re not a fan of posing for pictures then this is for you.

This session made me super excited because it was all candid.  I loved the freedom to shoot everything and anything my little heart desired.  I think I actually got a pretty good workout running, ducking, and walking the beach.  And they brought the coolest props ever~a kite, windmill, bubbles, a big red ball, and even checkers that we didn’t get a chance to use.  I was having so much fun that our session just flew by.

The location was full of possibility.  The seattle skyline, the beach, trees to climb, the boardwalk (what more could you want).  I’m sure I could people watch all day down there.  If you ever get a chance, come to Alki Beach.

I had a hard time choosing my favorites~

Thank you so much Megan for the freedom of using my creativity.  I loved playing with you and the kids.  They are so adorable and full of laughter.  It was an honor!

Meet the Greenwells~Kayak Point Beach

Feeling nostalgic lately? ~I am

Meeting up with an old friend for a photo shoot sure brings back great memories.  It makes me think of the white Hyundai with black tinted windows and dice in the mirror (I miss driving a stick).   Back when I wore my dad’s jeans, converse, and walked with a boom box.  Yes, I really did that.  Life was so carefree.  I took a ton of art classes, worked in the student store, and thought getting in to an 18 and under dance club was awesome.  Anyone remember the annex in Redmond?

I thought I was cool!

I miss giant bonfires with friends.  And our great trips to Canada!

Thanks for bringing the memories back.  Here are a few favorites of mine on one of the only nice days this spring!  Go and visit this fabulous beach if you get a chance.  We went to Kayak Point Beach in Stanwood.  I also hadn’t been there since I was a kid.  We passed this spot on the way that we went to every year called Port Susan.  I loved that place growing up.

Thank you Marisa for a great session.  It was wonderful to see you and meet your family.  Your boys are so fun.  I know Dylan would love them.  I hope we can meet up again soon!