Expecting~ Carnation Maternity Photographer

This is a very special maternity session with some dear friends.  I’m so excited to see them journey into parenthood.  They love adventure and I’m sure this little one will be on the mountain tops and in the woods straight away.

All the locations were on a road near their home.  It was fun to see what we would find on the way out there.  The creeping fog was an added bonus.  And as you will see the graffiti was perfect.  Also the pups about stole the show.  They were adorable and loved the camera.

I can’t wait to meet this little bambino and take more pictures of them.  Here are my favorites!~



Meet the McFalls~Carnation Photographer

I thought I’d switch things up and post the images without the dynamic grid.  Let me know which format you like better. I personally think this showcases the images better. If I could figure out how to make the grid larger, then it would be a close tie for me

Our fabulous fall didn’t disappoint for this sunset session at my clients home.  They have an amazing view of the valley and had pastel pink skies with a clear cloudless sky.  My little friend here showed me all the around the property and inside their gorgeous home. They have the best pantry door and cool lighting that I might have been drooling.

I also found out this little beauty’s favorite super hero is Superman just like her daddy.  I watched her amazing moves on the trampoline, swinging like superman, and met all her chickens.  Oh and her new little kitten.  I can’t wait to see her again.  It’s a pretty awesome time photographing friends.

Up next are some more families session.  Just in time for mailing out cards.√

~Now for your little preview ~

IMG_5651-Editfamily kiss with the sunsetring around the rosyIMG_5733-EditIMG_5739-EditIMG_5769IMG_5809IMG_5867-EditIMG_5909IMG_5927-Editgirl on a tire swingIMG_6003IMG_5975-EditIMG_6012-Editgirl with kittenIMG_6079IMG_6141-Edit

Meet another bunch of Bartolettis~Family and Senior Photographer

If these guys look familiar it’s because they are related to a family I shot over the summer a few blogs ago.  They are also just as adorable and fun.  And we took senior photos in the session too at my favorite location this year.  We can still find all new backdrops here because these images were shot at a different time and it’s such a big place.  Still so much more to explore here at Tolt McDonald.  The sun does begin to hide behind the trees before sunset.  And it’s amazingly beautiful.

It’s that time for senior photos for the class of 2018 already!  As summer is flying by and school is about to begin again.  Next on my schedule is a wedding and business headshots.

Have a great last week while school’s out! 

This is a tiny glimpse into their session. 

Meet the Allgiers~Sky River Park, Monroe

I have a super fun session to post of some adorable friends. Loads of smiles and love shared between them.  It all started as a gift from the parents a while back (I won’t say how long back ;)) but we were finally together for the session this fall.

I loved the cooperation of PDA and rolling down hills, arm wrestling, and leaf wars.  WHAT A FUN FAMILY!!  Thanks for letting me made you all do crazy things.  And thank you to all the families that came to me this year.  I adore you all!

Many people are asking if they can bring their beloved animals to their session and the answer is a huge YES!  Just let me know ahead of time.  I think it adds something very special to your photographs.  It’s so fun to see their huge personalities.

IMG_7238-Edit IMG_7247 IMG_7278-EditIMG_7300


IMG_7395IMG_7400 IMG_7433-Edit IMG_7488 IMG_7552 IMG_7557-Edit IMG_7566-Edit

Meet the musician ~ Alki Beach, Seattle




Welcome to the busiest time of the year for my little business.  So that’s why I’m just now posting this session and the following.

This guy is a friend of mine that I have photographed in the past as he played with his band.  He is a very talented musician, singer, & song writer.  I really enjoy his music.  Hit him up for guitar lessons.  He can teach beginner to advanced students.  If you want more information contact me and I’ll pass it along.

I do have a funny little story about our session too.  Somehow along the way a cell phone went missing and since I was the last call the fuzz started calling me.  I was pretty oblivious saying, “What do you mean Josh….what…what are you talking about??”  My blonde roots were taking over so I didn’t realize what they were saying to me.  I composed myself to meet the officers on bikes and retrieved the missing phone.  So when my friend walked up and saw the cell phone waving in the hand it was pretty funny.  I now can add magician to my resume.   I guess I need to keep the secrets of my ways a secret for that to work.

So here are my favorites of the lot. 

IMG_8535-Edit IMG_8542 IMG_8548 IMG_8557 IMG_8581-Edit IMG_8627-Edit IMG_8637 IMG_8687 IMG_8771 IMG_8856 IMG_8699 IMG_8799-Edit IMG_8865 IMG_8881-Edit

Meet the Cherians~Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park

I have a very special session I get to post today.  This lovely couple asked about going to the Seattle Olympic Sculpture park during the golden hour.  What more could I possibly ask for?!

  • A gorgeous location with interesting unique backgrounds~check
  • A gorgeous, fun couple in love~check
  • Yummy beautiful light at the end of the day~check
  • An awesome mom willing to watch my kiddos onsite~check

Yep, I am one lucky lady!  The images speak for themselves.  We had a FUN time! Enjoy!















Thank you so much George and Laya!  You came with so many wonderful ideas.  We could have hung out all evening.   

I feel like an old friend now.  Thanks for sharing your love!