Meet the Bartolettis~Farrel Mcwhirter Farm Park

We have some Seahawk fans in this session!  Go Hawks!

So they had some fun tackling each other.  I can’t think of anything more fun, that little boys could have, than tackling dad.  And I’m all for fun!  For this shoot we are back at one of my favorite parks~ Farrel Mcwhiter.  It’s one of those private wide open spaces close to home.

I had a great time following the boys around.  I hope you enjoy my favorites. I always give 80+ images with each session so this is really just a tease.  But I think you guys all know that.

Next week is spring break for us!  Enjoy yours.

IMG_8035-Edit IMG_8029 IMG_8010 IMG_8005 IMG_7999 IMG_7988 IMG_7981-Edit IMG_7899 IMG_7864-Edit IMG_7796 IMG_7780-Edit IMG_7766-Edit IMG_7761 IMG_7743 IMG_7740-Edit