Meet the Cooks~Lake Rasmussen, Duvall

This post is full of love and joy I just love these guys!  They have such an adorable little chubster with the most amazing lips!  You just want to squish him!!  We have lots of fun together.  I can only imagine the fun times ahead.  I feel very honored I got to photograph this trio.

I happen to have a pretty awesome little lake a few blocks away that I love to use for sessions.  So some of the shots are taken there and the others at my house.  I hope you guys enjoy some of my favorites.

IMG_8937-Edit IMG_8951 IMG_8966-Edit IMG_9019-Edit IMG_9033-Edit IMG_9039 IMG_9067 IMG_9088 IMG_9129-Edit IMG_9144 IMG_9171 IMG_9185-Edit IMG_9200 IMG_9195 IMG_9231-Edit