Meet Megan and her tots~Alki Beach, Seattle

If you’re not a fan of posing for pictures then this is for you.

This session made me super excited because it was all candid.  I loved the freedom to shoot everything and anything my little heart desired.  I think I actually got a pretty good workout running, ducking, and walking the beach.  And they brought the coolest props ever~a kite, windmill, bubbles, a big red ball, and even checkers that we didn’t get a chance to use.  I was having so much fun that our session just flew by.

The location was full of possibility.  The seattle skyline, the beach, trees to climb, the boardwalk (what more could you want).  I’m sure I could people watch all day down there.  If you ever get a chance, come to Alki Beach.

I had a hard time choosing my favorites~

Thank you so much Megan for the freedom of using my creativity.  I loved playing with you and the kids.  They are so adorable and full of laughter.  It was an honor!


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