Meet the Jenkins~Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

So many changes are coming up folks.  The summer is ending and school starting.  Since I only have one child, who is starting the first grade, I’ll be left alone all day.  That sound fantastic, but my mind is in panic mode.  And I want to fill my time wisely.  So I’m hoping to book more clients during this ever so valuable time, hence my Back to School Special.  I’ll be volunteering at school and spending more time in my ministry.  I’ll also be trying things I never had before~like canning.  So here’s to change.

The family in this post is about the sweetest family you could meet.  As we spend more time together I have this feeling we are going to be life long friends.   Our friendship, in my eyes,  is such a positive one.  I always feel good, laugh, and are motivated to be a better person afterwards.

We headed to one of my favorite childhood parks, Farrel-Mcwhirter Farm Park in Redmond.  This park has animals to pet, huge areas of grass, and trails to explore.  They have a great preschool there too that some of my friends have sent their children too.  There is actually quite the waiting list if you want to get in.

Here are some of my favorites from our session together.

I appreciate so much that you guys came to me for your family pictures!  Your kids are so creative with all their ideas for shots and you guys were too.  I love a collaboration! Finding that tractor was a sweet surprise too.  I couldn’t ask for better support.  Thank you~thank you~thank you!


  1. Melissa says:

    Love the one of the girls running! Nice job!

  2. What a beautiful session. Love the emotion in #3!

  3. Lacey says:

    Very cute little girls!

  4. Laura says:

    What a beautiful family!

  5. Michelle Nolan says:

    Sweet little girls!

  6. Holly says:

    so many fantastic pictures by my favorite has to be the 3rd one. It screams a mothers love… heart warming

  7. Andrea says:

    I just love these- you really capture the moment! Beatiful!!

  8. Tori says:

    The third image just jumped out at me. Love it!

  9. rachael says:

    they look like a very happy family, nice job!!

  10. Judie says:

    Such a beautiful looking family! Well done!

  11. Amanda says:

    What a great looking family…love the last photo 🙂

  12. kristalund says:

    love the 3rd one down with all the cuddles.

  13. Jenne Dunham says:

    What beautiful little girls!

  14. Very pretty. Looks like a fun session!

  15. Kelly says:

    Sweet captures. I’m sure they love them

  16. hope says:

    love their style beautiful work

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