Meet Alex ~ Seattle Newborn Photography

Motherhood is a love story with no ending.

So I guess my blogs should start….. once upon a time. Which would make my life easier because coming up with content sometimes is mind boggling. First you scrutinize which of the 80 images you will share. Then find something lovely to say about each of the ones you pick. Then pick even more to blog about. It’s a challenge that I hope to conquer each shoot.

Today we can discuss editing images. I think newborn sessions are the hardest for me to edit. Each image must be take to Lightroom and photoshop. Newborns tend to have red undertones when they move, they are shedding skin, and they nick their faces with those teeny sharp fingernails very easily. Also I was using an orange blanket that threw an orange cast on his face for a few of the images. I knew this would add extra editing time later but the meaning of the blanket made it worth it. So those were some of the challenges. But everything is easily adjusted with those software programs.

I’ve been working with those programs for 10 years. They constantly update them and add awesome features. When I get stuck I go to utube and watch my mentors walk me through what to do. One thing I just realized on my own is the control z key can be used repeatedly. Click it to go back to delete what you just did and click again and you can go back another step and again another step. Memorizing the short cuts will save you tons of time. There is just about something new to learn every week. If you have a tip to share I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Here is the cutest little new life. He has the dreamiest cheeks ever.