Meet Bodhi~Duvall Newborn in studio

I don’t know about you, but as school is approaching I’m so nostalgic with my kids and how fast the time has flown.  And then to have a tiny newborn in the studio it really makes me think.  This was just a few years ago right!  Actually no.  It was so long ago.  Did I capture every milestone and moment?!  Did I teach them everything I should have?!  Did I cherish every kiss and snuggle?  What about all the nights they climbed in bed.  You know the list does go on and on.

What would my advice be to the new mom?  I’d say be present even when you feel like being a zombie.  Appreciate all the time you have.  Forget what you did yesterday and focus on what you will do today and tomorrow.  It’s such a wonderful time.  I’m so thankful to have these sessions with the tiniest of humans and see the love mom and dad have for them.  And in this case Sissy too.

This family was so sweet.  They came a ways from home to come to my studio.  My daughter was around and didn’t want them to leave.  I share her sentiment.  I don’t know how I connect with such wonderful people, but you guys are such a delight.  Now I’ll take my own advice and enjoy the next few days before I send my youngest off to kindergarten and cry my eyes out.


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  1. Amber says:

    Swoon! I’m So happy Lindsay and her family were able to connect with you!
    Blessed beyond measure!

    1. Thank you so much for sending them my way!

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