Salena & Perry ~ Salish Lodge and Spa, Snoqualmie WA

I’m very excited to share this wedding love story. What a perfect match and a joy to be around. I really loved this snippet from the wedding talk. It just hit me. He talked about all the effort made to comply with the covid restrictions and make sure each person was safe and that their needs were met. That same amount of effort you put forth today you should put forth each day for each other. The whole talk was fantastic but that stood out to me. We live in a me first society. Do what’s best for yourself. Do what makes you happy. Imagine what it would be like if every marriage wholeheartedly looked out for the other person daily. And the amount of joy you would feel giving and receiving the best of your spouse. That would be real happiness.

In a couple weeks my husband and I will be celebrating 21 years of marriage. So we can relate that it is very challenging but really worth the effort to have these values and honor the vows taken on your wedding day.

So congratulations to these two. I enjoyed every minute with you both.

Special mentions to the vendors working with them.

Salish Lodge and spa

Madison Avenue Salon