Family Tree Session~North Bend, WA

I’m so glad I live in a world where there is Octobers! ~ shouts every photographer everywhere!

Well Hello Fall! Hello family sessions!

This session is very special with all the siblings, parents, and grandchildren. They had all the families together and it was a perfect time to capture them. A friend of theirs let us use their property for the session which was also awesome. What a beautiful setting. We had so many shots (traditional ones too) but these are my favorites that I hope make the walls.

You know this week a dear friend of mine lost her dad last week and I’m watching my feeds blow up with all the photos that are bringing the tears and also the some measure of comfort to her family. It’s like a priceless gem linking them to their loss. So all I can say is take the photos, give the hugs, make the memories, forgive the ones you feel like you can’t. I’ve had so much loss in my life to know how important it is to be grateful for everyday you have with the ones you love. What I would give for one more day to say I love you…..

If you want to get your family photos with all this gorgeous color don’t want to call last minute. I’m booking Sundays now so I may have a couple slots left.