Meet the Lavenders~Tolt McDonald, Carnation

Family~where life begins and love never ends.

Over the last month this journey in photography has grown in leaps and bounds for me. I was able to take on a massive amount of work and by a miracle I’m somehow catching up. I don’t feel stressed. I really just feel blessed and humbled that I’m able to to keep up and really plan for my end result. I wondered if I’d have to cut something like blogging out due to the time it takes. But then I thought about why I’m blogging in the first place. It’s another part of my connection with you guys. It’s the extra cherry and whip cream of my time with you. I get to reminisce the time we had and why those moments happened. The actual story comes to life for me again.

Take this family for instance. They were the easiest to capture. This little guy lit up the room and chatted in his baby talk to me with clapping and giggles. The parents were fully engaging with his every move. Though he was comfortable enough with me that they could stand back and observe him. What a gift it was for me to watch and play along with them.

Also I’m hoping these pairings of the photos that I share can help you decide what would look good together on your walls. That’s my goal by the way, to make it on your walls. When that happens I feel so honored that sun beams may shoot out of my face with pure joy.