Meet the Darlings~Snoqualmie Train Depot

I want to thank all my clients for a wonderful and crazy busy year.  All your kind words, referrals, and reviews have really boosted exposure for my little business.  My clients walk away with a new friend.  I just adore all of you and your families.  The future is bright and so rewarding for me in so many ways.  Thank you so much!

I have a special session to share.  This was a session donated to Cottage Lake Elementary School last February.  What an adorable trio they are.  The little one was a real true darling.  A girl has to live up to her name right?!  She took my hand as we walked around.  I love making friends with my clients.  Knowing how my daughter can react to some strangers I’m thankful I’m approachable.

We ventured to the Snoqualmie train depot, a nearby park, and even their home.  It was a pretty brisk day out with lots of sun shining.  We found out you can grab free hot cocoa or coffee inside one of the trains there.  How nice is that!  Oh and a cookie too.  Take the kids there they will have a blast.

Here are some of my favorite images of our time together!

IMG_9376 IMG_9377-Edit IMG_9595 IMG_9591 IMG_9573-Edit
IMG_9507-EditIMG_9483 IMG_9488IMG_9483IMG_9486
IMG_9449 IMG_9439-Edit-Edit IMG_9402 IMG_9388-Edit