Family Session with the Neresons~Woodinville, WA

This was my last session of 2015.  How did that just happen?! Feels like yesterday right!

I have had someone inquire why I’m not posting at much.  Am I busy?  So if that was on your mind, here is the answer.  I have been very busy making memories!!  My daily photography is now mostly on Instagram of my family life instead of all the clients I have.  Some do ask to be excluded from social media and I respect that.  I do not post headshots.  I like to post my portrait sessions just not the single business photo unless it’s a lifestyle shoot.  I do have an Instagram for my business which is for the most part the same as the Facebook page.  There may be a few posts that are different.  But overall they are the same.  Keeping up on all these outlets is a lot of work.  But I like the challenge.  My blog is slowly catching up.  I have one more session to blog currently.

There will be some changes I’m implementing for 2016. My family is my priority.  That has never changed, but my husband is now home on the weekends.  So vacations and time with my family is very precious to me.  So if I turn a job down please know I want to help you out, but I can’t.  I have a wonderful reason.  I may include some mini sessions in the spring and fall to help you guys get your sessions in.  I will be booking clients for the afternoon or sundown depending on the time of year.  Mornings will be taken for my ministry.  I really appreciate all of you that can book a weekday.  That’s when I have the most free time.   And I am reserving Sundays for myself.  I will not be booking on those days.  It feels good to make some new goals and have a clean schedule.  I look forward to shooting you this year!


Here are some highlights from my last session.  

clean_collage IMG_0381-Edit IMG_0285 IMG_0186 IMG_0219 IMG_0079